Month: May 2014

Essentials of Salvation–Atonement

COPYRIGHT WARNING The term “Atonement” comes from the phrase “at-one-ment.”[1] The idea is that those who are participating in redemption—God and man—are in agreement over the correct procedure. God has defined what must be done; man agrees. Therefore, they are… Read More ›

Why They Called Him “Jesus”

COPYRIGHT WARNING The actual name; Jesus was originally written as Lesous.[1] When the Bible was translated into Greek, no Greek word for Jesus existed. In each subsequent translation of the Greek text, Lesous became Jesus.

Why People Do Not Believe in Jesus

COPYRIGHT WARNING Are there valid reasons for a person to reject Jesus Christ as a valid person from history. More importantly–is the evidence for God and the claim that Jesus is God–supported by the evidence that is avaialble?