The Weak, The Powerless, the Insignificant: The Person God Uses


What this world consider wise, is not wise. What this world views as foolish, hides the wisdom of the ages. God does not reveal Himself to the proud, the self sufficient, and the self righteous. The One who made the universe comes to the humble, the seeking, the sincere. The reason that man cannot find God: his foolish pride.

When God sends His Messiah into the world, He will originate from a family of men who are insignificant to the world. God looks at the heart and examines the thoughts and intentions of a man. When He uses a person to make Himself known, He choses the weak, the untrained, the unnoticed. In this manner, no one would ever think that this person could accomplish anything by their own wisdom or power. When great things are accomplished by the weak and insignificant–everyone understands that what was accomplished, was done by God and not by men. In this way, all praise, honor, and glory, are given to God–who is the only one who rightfully deserves our praise. Continue reading “The Weak, The Powerless, the Insignificant: The Person God Uses”

Sam Harris: The End of Faith and Religion: His Unsubstantiated Arguments


Today I began reading perhaps the most unsubstantiated and misinformed commentaries on religion and faith that has ever been written. Just 1 chapter into the book” The end of faith, religion and terror… by Sam Harris, I was struck by the author’s complete ignorance in the subjects that he claims to expertly criticize..

It is always interesting when a person becomes and instant expert in matters which he has very little training. Sam Harris offers more of a metaphysical view of religion than religion itself.

What is very surprising is that so many people have purchased this book with the sincere belief that it is based on facts. When we examine the actual logic that Sam uses to sell his agenda, from the beginning of the book, it appears that this is a work of fiction rather than fact. In reading the claims of Sam Harris, I would imagine that it must have been written while the author was in Switzerland, because like their cheese, this book is full of so many holes. Continue reading “Sam Harris: The End of Faith and Religion: His Unsubstantiated Arguments”

Ice Creme and the Universe


A young boy was tasting a new flavor of ice cream that contained some of the most amazing tasty bits of flavor he had ever enjoyed. “How did you make this,” Johnny asked the vendor.

An college physics student standing nearby replied, “Oh we shouldn’t ask how the ice cream was created, ice creme simply must be this way or we wouldn’t be here to enjoy it.”

This is the approach that many physicists take in explaining the universe today.

When asking why the universe began in precisely the manner that it did—within very specific and controlled limits—which allowed life to exist, according to some physicists, no explanation is required. Citing the anthropic principle, scientists today state: “the universe simply must be this way or we wouldn’t be here to discuss it.”

The anthropic principle does not preclude us from asking why the universe develop in this manner—since all the scientific data suggests that a vastly different universe should have resulted. Continue reading “Ice Creme and the Universe”

The Messiah’s Love and Righteous Judgement


What would it be like to be truly loved? If someone could look into our heart and see who we truly are. To be known for the person we really are and all our words and actions understood for their true meaning. There is only one who has the ability and desire to know us in this way. He came from eternity and lived amongst us–so that we might know this great love.

One of the basic precepts of the Messiah’s kingdom is His righteous judgement. He is coming to make right all of the unjust governments of men and rule the world with absolute rectitude. He will not judge in the way that men judge—through bias with ulterior motives. The judgement of the Messiah will be based on the truth without regard to the opinions of men. The Book of 1 Samuel details how God judges the affairs of men, looking into the heart of the man, to see what his true motives and purposes are.

1 Samuel 16:7 …For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.Continue reading “The Messiah’s Love and Righteous Judgement”

The Non-Theist, Materialist, and Humanist Claim of Man’s Evolution as a Moral Being


This world cries out for “Peace,” but in all the history of man upon the earth, there has never been a sustained period of time in which peace reigned.

In the last 3,000 years of man’s recorded history, there has only been 286 years without a war. There have been over 15,000 wars resulting in 4 billion deaths.[1]

For the humanist, materialist, and non-theist, this record is a stunning indictment upon the premise that man is evolving into a more civilized and peaceful species.[1a] In fact, the opposite is true. As time progresses, men simply develop more creative ways to kill other men. The Biblical view of man as a fallen being, who is incapable of peace, is precisely what the evidence validates. Unless God intervenes in the history of mankind, we would certainly annihilate our species and destroy the earth.

Continue reading “The Non-Theist, Materialist, and Humanist Claim of Man’s Evolution as a Moral Being”

How Can Jesus Be a Son and the Everlasting Father?


The prophet Isaiah describes the coming Messiah as both a “Son,” and “the Everlasting Father.” How is this possible?

Isaiah 9:6g For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father

The key to understanding these statements is found by examining the life of Jesus, as He reveals what Isaiah’s words really mean. It is interesting that by a single line of text from Isaiah 9:6, God speaks through this prophet and predicts 11 separate attributes of the Messiah–which must all be fulfilled by one person. If the Messiah will be able to demonstrate that He is the true Savior of the world: He must fulfill every part of Isaiah prophecy.

He will be a human being.
He will be a child.
He will be a Son.
He will be called Wonderful.
He will be called a Counselor.
He will be called Mighty God.
He will be called Everlasting Father.
He will be called Prince of Peace.
Of His kingdom there will be no end.
His kingdom will be established upon the throne of David.
His kingdom will be of righteous judgement and justice forever. Continue reading “How Can Jesus Be a Son and the Everlasting Father?”

Jesus Claimed that He is Proof–God Exists


The Hebrew scriptures describe a time during the history of the earth when God will once and forever, prove that He exists. Isaiah’s prophecy of the Messiah–describes Him as “Mighty God.” When Jesus arrived on the earth, He told Phillip: “If you have seen me, you have seen God.

When John penned His narrative of Jesus in the New Testament, he describes Jesus as the Eternal Word of God, the “Logos.”

The Religious leaders of Israel picked up stones to kill Jesus, because He had claimed that He was God.

Many skeptics claim that there is no proof for God–if He exists, then He would show Himself to us.

Today, this demand for evidence has been met by Jesus. He came to earth as God–in the form of a man, so that as one of us, He could offer His life as a ransom to redeem every human being from the penalty of our sins–back to God.

It is impossible to legitimately claim today that there is no proof for the existence of God. In these last days, God has revealed Himself, as He has spoken to us, through His Son–by whom He made the universe and everything within it.  Continue reading “Jesus Claimed that He is Proof–God Exists”

The Messiah Will Be a “Wonderful Counselor”


The prophet Isaiah, describes the Messiah as one who is perfect in His wisdom and counsel. Unlike earthly men who seek to treat only the mind or body of a person–the Messiah is able to treat mind, body, and spirit. One of the primary reasons that so many people suffer today from mental illnesses is that a psychiatrist cannot address the deeper, more important issues of human life that are required for genuine healing–the spirit.  Continue reading “The Messiah Will Be a “Wonderful Counselor””

An Impossible Universe


Questions regarding the origin of the universe are not purely philosophical

There are those who make assertions that there is no evidence for the existence of God. Others claim that the universe exists by purely naturalistic causes.

Are these claims true, and is there credible evidence to believe in the existence of God and that intelligence is a crucial and absolute necessity for the beginning of the universe?

There have been two problems with attempting to set forth these principles:

One: many of the non-theists, particularly those in the 18-29 age group, notoriously refute the questions of why the universe exists, based on the aged and impeached argument that questions for the origin of the universe are entirely philosophical, and not scientific.

Two: The problem in seeking to make a scholarly answer to these questions, due to the fact that all the material tends to become overwhelming to the reader. Continue reading “An Impossible Universe”

Robin Williams: Life is not a Joke

When a celebrity such as Robin Williams passes from this world, there are many who site their contributions to the lives of people. In the case of Robin, it was his humor that the world remembers. Sadly, this planet and the people who inhabit it, are often focussed on superficial things and matters that have little or no eternal value.

Like many people, I loved Robin’s uncanny ability to move from one subject to the next at light speed—making fun of the frailties and foolishness of many subjects of human life.

Sadly, life is not a joke, and the brief time that we have here on earth is over very quickly. The issues that Robin faced which are the alleged cause of his depression—were not the true cause of his early death. It is often the case that those who need the most help, deflect their own sorrow by making light of their struggles and never really deal with the core issues of their sadness.

Continue reading “Robin Williams: Life is not a Joke”