Gone In 60 Seconds: Impeaching Every Atheist Assertion

In the past 46 years I have conducted over a thousand debates with atheists concerning the evidence that proves the New Testament is reliable. To the present day, every assertion presented by atheists, are the same errors I have heard repeated for the past four decades. The reason this is true is that all atheists receive their information from other atheists, and this information most often, comes from Father Bart Ehrman, the High Priest of Atheism.

Bart has led more people into unbelief than perhaps any other person in modern history. The problem is that Ehrman cannot prove his assertions regarding New Testament unreliability. I have read a majority of Bart’s books, and rarely does he include any evidence to prove his claims. I have impeached all of Ehrman’s false claims about the New Testament in my own books.

On the occasions where Ehrman does include a form of evidence, it usually consists of a secular comparison to some literary work of antiquity that has absolutely nothing to do with the New Testament.

The fact is, all of the modern atheist assertions regarding the New Testament and the testimony about Jesus, is easily impeached in less than 60 seconds. Every day I receive several statements by atheists that the New Testament was written late in the first century by non-eyewitnesses; the Gospels were written anonymously; Paul never saw Jesus; the disciples of Jesus were illiterate; the New Testament is filled with contradictions; the texts of the New Testament have been changed; there are many errors in the New Testament; Jesus never claimed to be God, and hundreds of other false and unprovable statements.

This page is provided for those who would like to see the evidence that impeaches every atheist assertion against the New Testament and the testimony written about Jesus. In every case where an atheist has made an assertion regarding any of the above claims against the texts of the New Testament, when I provide them with the information you will find in this essay, they go away and I never hear from them again. The entire process takes less than 60 seconds to impeach every atheist assertion.

Click on the link at each atheist assertion below, and you will be directed to an essay on this website where I impeach the claim made by each particular statement:

  1. The New Testament was not written by eyewitnesses.
  2. The Gospels were written late in the first century.
  3. The Gospels were written anonymously.
  4. Paul never saw the risen Jesus.
  5. The New Testament is filled with contradictions.
  6. There are no contemporaneous, secular evidence for Jesus.
  7. The texts of the New Testament have been changed.
  8. The New Testament is filled with errors.
  9. The New Testament is not a valid historical narrative.
  10. Jesus never claimed to be God.
  11. The disciples of Jesus were illiterate.
  12. There is no historical evidence that Jesus rose.
  13. The Gospel writers copied each other.
  14. A majority of scholars confirm the New Testament is not true.
  15. Eyewitness testimony is not reliable.
  16. Why Bart Ehrman is not a reliable scholar.
  17. The Errors Of Modern New Testament Criticism
  18. Impeaching A Primary Atheist Argument: Contradictions In The Bible
  19. Impeaching The Atheist Excuse That There Is No Evidence For God
  20. The Conclusions Of New Testament Criticism Are Final: The Text Is Truthful, Accurate, And Reliable

I have published several books that prove the New Testament is an accurate and truthful narrative of the true events of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

There are many false and misleading claims that atheist scholars make regarding Jesus, and the New Testament. I published three books which impeach the false claims of atheist scholars and prove that they are liars, with an agenda; to malign and misrepresent the truth of the New Testament narratives about Jesus.

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