Myths Don’t Last; The Eyewitness Testimony About Jesus Has Survived 2,000 Years

The Massive Growth of the Early Christian Church: Proof Jesus Resurrection happened.

According to author, Peter Rogers, in 1 A.D. the population of the earth was about 200 million people. By 300 A.D. the population had grown to over 250 million. Rodney Clark wrote that the explosive growth of the Christian church, by 350 A.D., places the number of followers of Jesus Christ at over 56.5 percent of the total population of the world.

If the resurrection did not take place as the four gospels describe, then how do we explain the explosive growth of the Christian church to over 56 percent of the world’s population just 350 years after the resurrection was first reported?

It is well known amongst historians that anything legend or myth does not survive for very long, in the writings of history, undetected. Unless, of course, the story was not intended as fact but written as fiction in the first place.

When a myth begins, over the passage of time, research and discovery reveals the errors of these mythological accounts and causes them to disappear from later historical records. The narrative of Jesus Christ has endured 2,000 years of close examination and has remained a reliable reality of History.

It is not possible that the accounts of Jesus of Nazareth could have survived for 2,000 years, unless these events were considered true and accurate narratives of genuine events.

The leaders of the early Christian church were in an advantageous position to know whether the accounts of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection had actually taken place before they canonized the text we have in our New Testament.

There are many writings by early church historians that describe the reliability of the events of Jesus Christ, as they are recorded in the text of these many copies that are extant today.

The historical narratives about Jesus in the New Testament are true!

The preceding is from my book: “These Things Were Written: An Expositional Treatise Of The Life, Death, And Resurrection Of Jesus.”

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