Bantayan Island

Longing for a truly out of the way Tropical Island Vacation?: Check Out Bantayan Island

One of the most beautiful islands in the World; Bantayan Island is the true definition of island paradise. White sand as fine as sugar. Crystal clear emerald waters. Lush tropical flowers and vegetation. Incredible beach front resorts and restaurants. Still uncrowded and unknown to much of the world; Bantayan Island will stun you with its beauty and serenity.

Located in the central part of the Philippines, Bantayan Island is one of 167 surrounding islands in the province of Cebu. Located just 18 kilometers northwest of Cebu, and 1 hour west of Leyte and Bohol islands. Bantayan Island is a small Atoll just 7 by 10 miles with a population of over 120,000 people.

When you step off the ferry at Santa Fe from your 45 minute trip from Hagnaya, you instantly feel a sense of peace. Time slows to a relaxing pace and all the cares of life cease with every passing moment.

As you look up and down the powdery white sand beaches you are struck by the beauty of the aquamarine cyrstal clear water. The beaches have a soft sandy bottom that is therapy to tired and aching feet. The water is only 4 feet deep at over 100 yards off shore making a refreshing swim in the warm tropical waters—pure delight.

From the stunning resorts at Ogtong Cave where exotic birds sing and lush tropical vegitation and flowers sooth your senses, to the beach front Tri-Plex cottages of Beach Placid, and Anika Island Resort; there is a vacation spot for any budget.

As you rent a scooter from your resort and meander slowly along the beautiful island roads, you feel the pleasure and freedom of cool wind on your face while arching coconut palms stretch out over the road ahead.

Bantayan Municipality is less than 30 minutes by scooter from Santa Fe Beach,  Madredejos just another 30 minutes further. A stroll along the beach meeting the humble and peaceful fishermen who live on Bantayan’s Island’s white sand beaches makes you realize that a simple life is a truly happy life.

Lunch for two is less than $10.00 USD and a beach front accommodation can be found for less than $40.00 USD. The Island of Bantayan is safe, peaceful, and will stimulate and thrill your sense of adventure as perhaps no other place on earth.

As one transplanted from the United States to Bantayan Island in 2010 we have discovered that living here is where the term “Paradise Island” originated. Life on Bantayan Island is slow, easy, and relaxed. From the moment you depart the Ferry at Santa Fe Port and travel the short distance to your chosen resort you will feel as if you never want to leave this amazing place.



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