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The Publications Of Robert Clifton Robinson
1. One Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Combined Into One Incredible Story. Was: $9.99 Now: $4.99
2. The Prophecies of the Messiah: The Scriptures of the Prophets are Fulfilled. Was: $19.99 Now: $8.99
3. Messianic Prophecy Bible: The Complete Old And New Testament With 400 Prophecies. Was: $12.99 Now: $3.49
4. Brutal Cross, Glorious Resurrection: The Suffering and Triumph of Jesus $7.99 2.99 cents
5. Dead or Alive: The Return of Jesus $8.99 $2.99
6. Honest Men: An Expositional Treatise of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus $14.99 $8.99

7. Sodom and Gomorrah: The Gay Marriage and Same-Sex Controversy $9.99 $4.99
8. A Universe From God: The True Origin of the Cosmos $9.99 .99 cents
9. The Suffering Servant: The Messiah of Isaiah 53 and Psalms 22 $7.99 $2.99
10. When The Lord Waits: His Plans And Purposes In All Things $7.99 $2.99
11. Yeshu: The Historical Jesus $8.99 .99 cents
12. Honest Men (Volume 1): The Writers of the Bible Told the Truth $6.99 .99 cents
13. Honest Men (Volume 2): The Writers of the Bible Told the Truth $6.99 $1.99
14. Honest Men (Volume 3): The Writers of the Bible Told the Truth $6.99 $1.99
15. Honest Men (Volume 4): The Writers of the Bible Told the Truth $6.99 $1.99
16. The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Book 1): The Know Him Series $5.99 .99 cents
17. Who Jesus Is (Book 2): The Know Him Series $5.99 $2.99
18. What Jesus Endured (Book 3): The Know Him Series $5.99 $1.99
19. What Jesus Accomplished (Book 4): The Know Him Series $5.99 $1.99
20. Only Perfect People Go to Heaven: How Jesus Accomplished the Impossible $6.99 $2.99 cents

21. The Parables, Prophecies and Prayers of Jesus: His Wisdom, Authority, and Power $6.99 $2.99
22. The Star of Christmas: Finding the True Meaning of Christmas $8.99 $4.99
23 Great Tribulation: Time Of The End. A Chronicle of events for the LastDays $9.99. $1.99


The Bible opens a window in our heart and allows light  to penetrate our souls —Robert Clifton Robinson