The Parables, Prophecies, and Prayers of Jesus

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The WISDOM that Jesus exhibited by His use of Parables, stunned those who came to listen to Him. By simple and common illustrations of life, Jesus was able to convey deep spiritual truths about God and our future home in Heaven.

When a human being thinks, he does so by the use of pictures, not words. Words communicate truth, but the mind conveys these truths to the heart by images of the objects that are perceived. When truths are communicated by common objects that are familiar to us, we see a picture of this object in our mind. It is then that we can ponder these representations and understand how they relate to the story that is being told.

Jesus defined the purpose of His parables as a way to reveal spiritual truth to those who have a sincere heart for God. Those who are callous, uncaring, and uninterested in the things of God, the parables serve to conceal these truths.

Jesus AUTHORITY as the Messiah, came from His ability to fulfill more than 400 Hebrew prophecies from the Old Testament. With stunning accuracy, Jesus controlled every situation of His life, death, and resurrection, so that He would complete every word of the Prophets and fulfill God’s word.

Jesus has also proven Himself as a true Prophet of God, like Moses, by speaking 14 incredible prophecies. Each one of these predictions are quite detailed and required precision in their fulfillment. All of the prophecies that Jesus spoke, came to pass precisely as He said.

If any person speaks a word of prophecy in seeking to predict a future event and that event does not come to pass exactly as it was described, that person is a false prophet. The test of a true prophecy from the one true God is whether all the words come to pass precisely as they were predicted. Even the smallest failure in any part of any prophetic utterance is an indication that the prophecy is false and that the person speaking the words is a false prophet. The people of God are to not listen to any such words or persons who make these predictions.

Because all of the words that Jesus spoke were fulfilled exactly as He said they would, He passes the test of a true prophet of God; and His words should be heeded.

Jesus POWER as the Savior of the world, originated from His voracious prayer life. Jesus was completely dependent upon the Father for every word that He spoke during His time here on earth. Not that Jesus couldn’t speak on His own, but that He would not. Jesus submitted Himself to the Father on our behalf, as a servant. When all of His disciples were fast asleep, Jesus spent the night on His knees before the Father.

By the example of Jesus prayer in John chapter 17, we understand how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit could be One God. The answer to this conundrum is really very simple: These three, although they are different and distinct from each other, are One in unity. They are so closely linked together in their agreement in everything, that they are really just One. Their complete unity in all things while still being distinct persons is what makes them One God.

For thousands of years, men have pondered this mystery: “How can three be one?” The answer is as simple as the word “Unity.” It is this same unity that Jesus desires of His church that will make us one body, though we have many separate people in this one body.

By understanding the Parables, Prophecies, and Prayers of Jesus, we gain a tremendous amount of wisdom, authority, and power in our own life.

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