Breaking Israel News Website: Readers Beware

For many years, Christians and Jews have lived together as friends with a common heritage. We both worship the same God, but have a difference of opinion regarding the Messiah. This has not stopped our love or friendship for each other, nor prevented a respectful and healthy dialogue.

This is until today, when I encountered a web site called: “Breaking Israel News.”

My first impressions of this web site was one of great excitement, as they discuss several of the current subjects that concern Israel, the rebuilding of the third Temple and the Messiah. I have recommended this site to several of my readers and used articles and quotes from Breaking Israel News.

Today I read an article regarding the prophecies of Daniel, chapter 9 and posted a comment regarding an extensive book that I wrote about this subject. The post was quickly deleted from Breaking Israel News. I wrote a second post and asked why I was not allowed to comment on this article as a Christian, using the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, this post was also immediately removed.


Christian readers of Breaking Israel News should be aware that the owners of this site have a strong prejudice against Christians and do not care, nor want you to make any comments on their site that might conflict with their opinions. They are afraid that the truth of God’s word might be known to their readers and that they might discover that Jesus is the True Messiah.

This is unfortunate in that Christians are already heavily prejudiced by the world, and now we find that  our fellow Brother and Sister Jews, with which we share a deep and common heritage, also hate us and will not allow the expression of our opinions on certain web sites.

We pray that the hearts of the people who manage and own the Breaking Israel News web site will change their minds and permit an open, respectful, and thorough discussion of the many subjects that they write articles about.


Winning The War On Christmas

Starbucks No Christ

It is only November 9th and already there is news across America that malls and department stores are cutting Christ out of Christmas. Several malls have eliminated Christmas trees, and all references to Jesus and His birth. Starbucks has introduced a Holiday cup that simply has their green logo on a plain red cup.

Whatever the excuses retailers give for their elimination of Christ from Christmas; not offending certain people of other religions, or wanting to remain neutral and non religious, the end result is an assault on the tradition that Christmas is to millions of Americans and people around the world.

What we can we do about it

Vote with your cash. This year, patronize malls and stores that celebrate the traditional Christmas season with trees, lights, and traditional emblems that represent what Christmas really is: When God gave us the gift of His Son, and we celebrate by giving our gifts to those that we love. Tell store owners that you are offended and you want Christ to stay in your Christmas celebration.

It may be hard, it might cost you a little, but it is really the only way that we can persuade the owners and managers of stores and malls that we want Christmas to stay the way it has been for a very long time. Tell those in charge how you feel. Write letters. Speak to the managers of malls and stores. Tell them that if they will not keep Christ in Christmas, and put up the traditional decorations of Christmas in their stores and shopping centers, you will not spend your money at their places of business.

It is really just that simple.