Apologetics is the study, defense, and proving of facts by evidence. There are four primary arguments in Apologetics for the existence of God: The Cosmological Argument, The The Ontological Argument, The Teleological Argument and The Moral Argument. There are also scientific, archeological, and historical proofs that provide the reasonable person with sufficient proof that God must exist.

The Existence Of God

Proving The Existence Of God From Evidence

The atheists and critics of God and the Bible assert that there is no provable evidence for God. In broad terms, anytime a person makes a general statement that includes the words “no evidence,” the credibility of that statement is in doubt. In order to truthfully state that there is “no evidence,” a person must have seen all of the evidence that exists in the world for God. Since it is not possible that anyone has seen all of the evidence that exists, any statement which includes the text; “there is no evidence,” is a lie. At best, all that anyone can say who does not believe that God exists is that they don’t know if God exists, meaning they are an agnostic, not an atheist.

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Of course there is evidence for God. The problem is that uniformed persons often do not know there is evidence, or they are unwilling to accept the evidence that is presented. God can be empirically proven from three primary sources: The Universe, The text of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, and The Historical Record.

  1. The Universe proves that intelligence was necessary for its existence, requiring God.
  2. The Old Testament contains a record which demonstrates that God exists and that He will come to earth as a man in order to save the word from sin.
  3. The person described as Jesus of Nazareth in the New Testament, performing miracles to prove His identity, is the One promised by the Old Testament scripture, thereby proving that God exists.

The above three proofs, are supported by empirical evidence, which is documented in the articles below:

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The Resurrection

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