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Although I am certain that the evidence for God is overwhelming and empirical, I realize that there are many people who are not convinced. I find that this is usually due to a lack of awareness in the evidence that does exist. I have spent nearly 45 years investigating the evidence that exists for God, conducting detailed research, and investigation so that I might be convinced myself. I have published 31 books, and written over 2,200 articles on this site that are provided specifically to furnish evidence for those who genuinely seek proof that God exists. I have taught the evidence for God in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Evidence Is Not Always Enough

I have also learned over the past four decades that although many people say they are seeking evidence, in truth they are really seeking an argument. This is why evidence is never enough to convince some people. The human heart is a much greater barrier to faith in God than the mind which demands evidence.

A large number of people who saw Jesus open the eyes of the blind, heal the sick, and raise the dead, still did not believe in Him.

Jesus said to them, but you haven’t believed in me even though you have seen me. ~John 6:36 (NLT)

But despite all the miraculous signs Jesus had done, most of the people still did not believe in him. This is exactly what Isaiah the prophet had predicted in 53:1: “Lord, who has believed our message? To whom has the Lord revealed his powerful arm?” ~John 12:37-38 (NLT)

Evidence does not convince anyone who does not want to believe. The atheist’s demand for evidence is sometimes a facade that hides a heart that has no desire for God.

Providing Reasons To Believe

These things being said, there are a very select few who are genuinely seeking evidence so that they might believe. I was one of these 45 years ago. I was not raised in a Christian home. We never went to church or talked about God. I simply picked up a copy of the New Testament and began to read about Jesus. What He said and how He treated people was beyond anything that I had ever seen before. It took me about seven years of research into all of the gods and religions of the world, as well as an investigation into the scientific basis for the universe, with tremendous research into the origin and reliability of the New Testament, before I became convinced by evidence that God exists in the person of Jesus Christ.

It is my sincere hope that the evidence I place before you here might be of some assistance in your own journey of knowledge into the existence of God.

Evidence From Science

The first evidence that I found compelling for the existence of God was in the scientific findings for the origin and operation of the universe. What I have discovered over the last thirty years is that the manner in which the universe began and expanded, could not have happened by any natural process. In this section I will provide you with a few articles which detail the scientific evidence for God as the source of the universe.

Evidence From The New Testament

It is alleged by several critics of the New Testament that the narratives of Jesus are not reliable. Some of the reasons given are that the text was written too late after the events took place. Other critics state that the narratives of Jesus in the New Testament have been changed over the past 2,000 years. Finally, it is the belief of many critics that because the New Testament contains references to supernatural events, this defines the New Testament as mythological. In this section I will provide you with resources that prove that 26 of the 27 books of the New Testament were written before 70 A.D., the text of the New Testament in its fundamental principles have never been altered in the past 2,000 years, and proof that the miracles described in the New Testament are not really miracles at all, but naturally occurring events that are possible within all the physical laws of the universe.

The Universe Exists Only Because Of Intelligent Acts, Not By Any Natural Process

If the universe exists by a natural process, there would be evidence of this in the processes that we can scientifically observe. Today we have the ability to examine the universe and see how it began, the procedures that took place at its inception, and how it has continued to expand during the past 13.8 billion years. If the universe is the product of intelligent actions that predetermined its commencement and controlled how it expanded so that intelligent life on earth could exist, we can examine the science of these events and determine whether they occurred by natural processes or were caused by an outside source. We don’t need to guess or simply “have faith” that such processes gave us our universe. Science is able to provide us with evidence whether we live in a universe by natural processes, or there were intelligent decisions made and engineered into our universe.

The first article that follows this paragraph is one that I highly recommend because it thoroughly explains the scientific process that was necessary in order for our universe to exist as it does today. Be patient in the first part of this article as I am seeking to establish as few principles and lay a foundation for how the universe began, before I actually get to the scientific evidence for how the universe came into being because of intelligent actions.

Please Read The Following Article In Its Entirety, If You Are Sincere In Your Desire For Knowledge

This next article is provided as a point of reference for the first article, showing the 209 physical constants that our universe exhibits and how they are essential to human life on earth. Think of a control board with 1,978 dials that must all be precisely set before human life on earth is possible. Not only must we know where these dials must be set beforehand, we must also know the consequences of any incorrect setting that will destroy the universe and cause it to collapse back upon itself if these dials are set incorrectly the first time.

Advanced Knowledge And The Resulting Consequences, Are Only Possible By Intelligence, Not By A Natural Or Accidental Process

Evidence For Fine-Tuning Of The Universe: 209 Physical Constants That Make Life On Earth Possible

The following articles describe general attributes of the universe which allow us to understand the intelligence necessary to create a universe like ours.

How We Can Verify The Reliability Of The New Testament Narratives Of Jesus

One of the preeminent problems that I have observed in my study of the New Testament manuscript evidence, is the prevalence of false and misleading information that is disseminated by critics of the New Testament. The idea that what is written about Jesus in the New Testament is a myth or fabricated story, is utter nonsense. When we examine the actual text itself in the surviving manuscript copies, we find that every requirement for historically accurate text, honest testimony, and genuine narratives about Jesus, is met and surpassed by greater certainty than any other ancient literature in existence.

  • The New Testament was written closer to the events than any other ancient event in history.
  • There are more copies (24,593) of the New Testament manuscripts that have survived time and decay than any other manuscript copies in existence.
  • The text from these surviving manuscripts, when compared with our modern translation of the New Testament today, are virtually identical in all its basic principles about Jesus.
  • The allegation that the text of the New Testament has been changed over the past 2,000 years, by thousands of Textual Variants, is a deceitful fabrication. In fact, what is meant by a Textual Variant, is nothing more than misspelled words, alternative words, grammatical errors, and different ways of saying the exact same thing.

The Following Articles Address All Of The Above Issues And Provide Evidence:

The Need For Salvation

The Following Are Some Of The Books That I have Written As Evidence For The Existence Of God:

















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