MP3 Audio Bible Commentary

This Page Displays A List Of Audio Bible Commentary By Robert Clifton Robinson. 

For the past 47 years, Rob has been teaching the entire Bible in the United States, Europe, and Asia. A pastor of two churches simultaneously, Rob taught from Genesis through Revelation over a period of 14 years. Through scholarly research, study, writing and publishing, Rob has authored 32 books that are currently in publication.

The teaching and study of the Bible is the most important and often neglected principle of Christianity. In former times, pastors devoted themselves to the study of the scriptures so that they might deliver the full counsel of God’s word to the members of the church. Today many pastors do not study the Bible and they are often unprepared to teach the people the principles and doctrines of the scriptures.

As a result of this neglect, many followers of Jesus are not equipped with a knowledge of God’s word. They cannot defend attacks against the Bible, and they are not able to recall the memory of scriptures in times of need. This famine in the word of God has left the Christian church weak, irrelevant, and often ineffective. It is my hope that I might be of some encouragement to those who are seeking to know the Bible more fully and how to actively apply the scriptures to their own life.

This is a new feature at this web site. Rob has audio commentary on the entire Bible. New series will be added to this page each month.

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