How Intelligence Acted Upon The Universe

The New Book That Proves God Is The Author Of The Universe:

During the first picosecond of the universe, events took place that could not have happened by themselves. The balance between gravity and electromagnetism were set so precisely, that it is certain that no natural process could have caused this event.

As with all explosions, there is a tremendous amount of chaos during its initial expansion of material. During the commencement of the universe in which the largest explosion that has ever happened took place, this explosion of matter was under extreme order.

Scientists are astonished that the universe had begun with such a low state of entropy, since they expected to find just the opposite. A controlled expansion of matter, at just the right critical rate, has been described by the late theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, as evidence of intelligence.

“Why did the universe start out with so nearly the critical rate of expansion that separates models that re collapse from those that go on expanding forever, that even now, 10 thousand million years later, it is still expanding at nearly the critical rate?

Continuing from the first second of the universe throughout its entire history, this extreme control can be observed.

We live on a planet made possible for life because of hundreds of precise settings in the universe that are so closely balanced, that it is not possible they were set on their own.

  1. Our planet is in the precise location inside the Milky Way galaxy, it needs to be in order for life to be possible.
  2. Earth is at the exact location inside our solar system, necessary for life.
  3. Our sun is the right type of star, age, and at the precise distance from our planet.
  4. The tilt of earth’s axis and the rotation of our planet are set precisely where they must be in order for human life.
  5. We have a moon that is larger than normal for a planet this size, but exactly the size necessary to make life possible.
  6. The balance of water to land for earth is perfect for life.
  7. The balance of oxygen to other gases is precisely what humans need for life.
  8. Every atom in the universe is built by a specific balance of mass between the electron and proton at 1:1,836. This balance is set so precisely that if it were to change by 1 part in 100 billion, every atom in the universe would explode.

There are hundreds of these physical constants that have defined our universe as “fine-tuned” for life. There is no naturalistic or evolutionary process that is capable of producing these constants.

The finely-tuned universe, as empirical proof for its existence by intelligence, has no formal logical defects.

Every place we look in our universe, we see these guided and precise settings that have only one objective: to allow human beings to live on earth. All of these processes require intelligence in order to make them possible.

Intelligence is only possible by a person; and the quantity of intelligence required to create a perfectly-ordered universe, like ours, demands a Being of limitless capabilities.

These are proven and observed scientific facts of our universe. In opposition to this evidence, the atheist scientists of today have created an invisible and unprovable theory, that other universes are responsible for our universe.

This theory exists only as a mathematical calculation, but not as real testable or provable science.

This book presents the reader with the evidence of a universe that exists because intelligence has acted upon it and impeaches the idea that other universes are responsible for life on earth.

How Intelligence Acted Upon The Universe, Now At Amazon

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