Do We Live In An Accidental Universe?

It is unclear how any person can live on this good earth and enjoy all of the wonderful gifts it presents us with, without a knowledge that everything came to us by an Infinitely Intelligent, Magnanimously Loving God.

Consider how impossible it is that all of the elements and materials that we are able to build things from and use to make a good life on earth, were placed on this planet on purpose. Left to its own there is no naturalistic process that could have evolved an earth with the precise elements that were necessary to build homes, cars, phones, medical equipment, roads, schools, ships, planes, cars, and construction equipment. Someone created the earth perfectly for us and placed everything we would need to live and flourish on this planet. This is no accident, we are no accident.

Our planet exists in the precise location that it needs to be—not just in our solar system—but in the exact location of the precise type of galaxy we find ourselves in—necessary for human life. Our planet is constructed by masterful engineering: Tilted on its axis at precisely 23.5 degrees, rotating at 1,000 miles an hour with a 365.25 day solar cycle. A larger than normal moon with perfect tidal cycles. Earth is the exact distance from the precise type of sun that just happens to be the right age; all absolute necessities for human life. The precise ratio of oxygen to nitrogen required for human respiration. Correct ratio of oceans to continents. Exact balance of volcanic activity, tectonic plate movement, and hydrologic cycles that move clouds, winds and rain to water the earth.

There are 35 primary physical constants that exist in the universe to make human life possible on earth. The probability that all of these constants could occur at the same time is: 1:10148 This number is so large that is exceeds the total number of atoms that exist in every piece of matter in the universe.

Astronomer and Cosmologist, Sir Frederick Hoyle, calculated the probability that life on earth could have spontaneously evolved from nothing as 1040,000.[1] According to the laws of probability set forth by Dr. Emile Borel, this would define the origin of life as a supernatural event—not possible by random chance or fortuity.[2]

Next time someone tells you that they see no evidence for God, all you have to do is smile and walk away. From the Book “A Universe From God,” by Robert Clifton Robinson.

An Accidental Universe? Be Ready To Defend You Faith.
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[1] Evolution from Space, Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe,J. M. Dent & Sons, 1981, p. 130
[2] Emile Borel, Probabilities and Life, Dover 1962, chapters 1-3

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