Accidents And The Universe: Can Complexity Result From Chance?

Many years ago while in Rome, Italy, I walked through the Sistine Chapel and looked up at the ceiling where the majestic art of Michelangelo was painted. I beheld this beauty, but suddenly realized that there was no possibility that someone named Michelangelo had painted it. It was far more likely that a person had detonated a stick of dynamite near a wheelbarrow filled with paint and the resulting explosion produced the art on the ceiling.

On my trip back to the United States, I read an article about the factory where the 747 aircraft that I was flying in was built. Engineers described how hundreds of people had designed and constructed this incredible airplane with millions of different parts. I realized that this article was not true. It was far more likely that a category 5 Hurricane blew threw a junkyard and the resulting wind produced this aircraft.

Ridiculous Conclusions And Reality

The idea that such a beautiful work of art could happen by accident. The thought that one of the most technically advanced aircraft ever to exist, happened by natural circumstances, is preposterous.

You might be surprised to learn that some people have the same kinds of ideas about the universe we inhabit; it all just happened by accident. Many atheists will tell you that we don’t need God to explain the universe because natural processes are capable of producing our universe without God.

Leading scientists who have examined the form and function of the universe will tell you that it exists as the most complicated and sophisticated machine ever to be observed. How is it that any intelligent person could think that this majestic cosmos that makes earth possible, just happened by accident?

The answer is obvious. It didn’t. No complex structure ever came about by chance. If you examine the processes that were necessary to make the universe a reality, you will find that the events which took place at its inception, and continuing throughout its 13.8 billion year history, could not have happened by random acts. In two of my books, “How Intelligence Acted Upon The Universe,” and “A Universe From God,” I detail the scientific evidence which proves that our universe was created by extreme intelligence and engineering, not as a product of chance.

Paul wrote in the first chapter of Romans that God specifically created the universe as evidence that He exists. David wrote in Psalms 19 that the universe speaks to us every day that God exists.

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. ~Romans 1:20 (NLT)

The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known. They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard. Yet their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world. ~Psalms 19:1-4 (NLT)

When people say that “there is no evidence for God,” they are either not telling the truth or they are simply misinformed.

The fact remains that if God exists, there would be evidence of His Being. The universe was created for us so that we would know with certainty that God does exist and He loves us.

The excuses that people give for a universe existing by accident or as a result of a natural process, are without any scientific evidence to support these ideas. I have written extensively about these asserted reasons for a universe that does not require God.

What The Scientific Evidence Does Prove

In 44 years of researching the origin of the universe, I have never found any scientific evidence which proves the hypothesis that the universe came into existence by itself or as a result of another universe before it. Every hypothesis that scientists give as an explanation for the universe by a natural process, is not supported by any scientific evidence. All of these ideas are based upon mathematical calculations and are not provable science.

The evidence that does exist for the universe is that it was possible because of intelligent actions which took place from -430th of a second at the beginning of the universe, and have continued throughout its entire history.

The Universe Is Precisely Set To Ensure Human Life

imagine that you are sitting before a control panel where 1,978 dials are all set precisely where they need to be for human life to exist on earth. You are told by the engineer who created these dials that if you change any one of these setting by so much as 10^40, all human life on earth will no longer exist.

Could you imagine that 1,978 precise settings could align themselves where they must be to permit life on earth, by accident? Moreover, in order for these dials to be set correctly, we would also have to know what the consequences would be if we set them incorrectly. All of these correct settings and their consequences must be known before the universe begins. No natural process is capable of achieving such a result.

See the 1,978 physical constants that exist in our universe to make human life possible

Scientists describes these precise settings as “Physical Constants,” or “Anthropic Constants.”

When the universe began, all of the evidence that we have today, proves that there was nothing prior to that moment. There was no matter. There was no space to place matter in. There was no time to mark its duration. Some fringe scientists want us to believe that there were prior universes which existed before our own, that caused our universe to begin. Although there is no scientific evidence to prove there were any other universes before ours, these individuals insist that we should trust them and believe something that we cannot see.

Currently, we do not have the ability to see beyond our own universe and discover whether there are any other universes. All of the evidence we can test and observe, proves that our universe is the only one in existence.

Those who ask us to believe in invisible universes as the cause of our own, at the same time, scoff at those who believe in an invisible God. We have no evidence that invisible universes caused ours; we do have great scientific evidence that intelligence was at work in the design, engineering, and production of our universe.

Since we can scientifically prove that intelligence acted upon our universe at its beginning, and intelligence was required throughout the entire history of the universe, then we can prove that a Being capable of such intelligent acts must exist. There is nothing which exists in our present world that is of any technical nature, that came about by accident. Every person on earth understands that when they see a new iPhone, there were intelligent beings who made this device possible.

As I stated previously, the universe has been described by men such as Gottfried Leibniz, as the most complex machine that has ever existed. Despite this reality, some people want us to believe that it came about by accident. Despite the technical capabilities of Apple’s latest iPhone, it is only a small fraction of the complexity which exists in the nature and function of the universe. If we cannot accept that a smartphone could exist by accident, how is it that we could ever accept that our universe exists by mere accident?

Precise Settings Demand Intelligence

The highly technical settings that exist in our universe which make life possible on earth, are finely balanced to a degree that makes it impossible that they are set by accident. If your watch is set at the correct time today, is this the result of happenstance or did an intelligent being set it at the correct time? Imagine 1,978 watches, all set at the accurate time of 1,978 different time zones. Anyone who would observe such a phenomenon would understand that an intelligent being was responsible for this reality.

Most people have heard of gravity and electromagnetism, but few know that these two must be perfectly balanced before our universe could exist in the first place.

How is it that during the initial moments of the universe that gravity and electromagnetism knew where to precisely set themselves? Had these two been altered by 10^40, the universe would never have continued. All matter would have collapsed back upon itself, before it ever had a chance to expand as it has, into galaxies, stars, and planets.

Hitting a setting of 10^40 is equal to a person shooting at a target on the opposite side of our universe and hitting the bullseye the first time.

Some people insist that gravity and electromagnetism evolved this way. The problem is that the universe only had one chance to begin in a precise way that would permit life on earth much later. In the process of evolution, it is impossible for anything to precisely set itself correctly the first time. It often takes millions of failures before a successful mutation exists under the theory of evolution.

If the universe did not begin with a precise balance between gravity and electromagnetism, it would have destroyed itself. The fact that these two were precisely set where they must be for the universe to be successful, it an indication that intelligence had acted to make this a reality.

This intelligence would also have to know ahead of time what would happen if this precise setting was altered by so little a change as 10^40. There was no trial and error in the commencement of the universe. It began correctly the first time, and continued correctly throughout its entire 13.8 billion year history.

Okay, you say, we got very lucky with gravity and electromagnetism, but this does not rule out that they happened by chance.

Here is something that many people do not know: There are 1,978 of these precise settings that exist in the universe, also specifically set.

Change any one of these physical constants by as little as 10^40, and all life on earth today would die. What is the chance that nearly 1,978 events could all precisely set themselves the first time, without any evolutionary process?

Only Two Possibilities For The Origin Of The Universe

You can see that the entire idea of evolution as an answer to the question for how the universe came into being, is preposterous. Either the universe caused itself or it was caused, there is no alternative. If we can scientifically prove that the universe could not exist by accident, then the only alternative is that it was caused.

The power and intelligence required to produce a universe like the one we live in, is only explained by a Being who possesses the capacity to achieve such a result.

Your Journey

If you are like me and you have many questions about the universe and you want to discover the answers, you can find some of these answers in material I also discovered when I began my own search for truth.

In my book, “How Intelligence Acted Upon The Universe: Observable Facts Of Science,” I take you through the scientific evidence which proves our universe was engineered by a mind. These processes are described in great detail from a scientific, evidentiary basis, but in a way that anyone can understand.

My similar book, “A Universe From God: The True Origin Of The Cosmos,” is a journey into evidence which proves that only the God of the Bible is capable of such a masterful creation.

One final book that may be of interest to you, describes Jesus as the God who created the universe, and made it for a purpose; to allow you to know Him. See; “Why Jesus Is God, And Others Are Not.”


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