The Reality Of Evidence And God

Most people have the idea that the reason some individuals do not believe in God is because they have not seen evidence sufficient to believe. When we consider and understand the reality of our life, this premise no longer is possible.

How is it that you find yourself alive in the first place? How could you be living on a tiny planet in the midst of trillions of others in the universe? Where did the universe come from in the first place, and how is it that this vast cosmos is able to support human life on earth? Why are you able to enjoy the intrinsic beauty of living; the love, emotions, friendships, material possessions, travel, entertainment, and the simple joy of being alive? How is it that we find ourselves on a planet that just happens to have the precise elements from the periodic table that makes it possible to create and assemble all the wonderful and useful things that we have in our life?

Those who do not believe that God exists will tell you that all of these things happened by natural processes. In essence, they are stating that all of the things I described in the first paragraph, happened by accident.

Name one thing in your life of any complexity that happened by accident?

Did your house, car, watch, cell phone, or tv assemble themselves?

When we scientifically examine the origin and function of the universe we find that it exists as the most complex and advanced machine in existence. Although there are natural processes in place in the universe, how these processes began and continue, was not determined by an accidental or natural process. In a former article that I wrote, and two of my books, I described the extreme technical nature of the universe and how these processes were only possible if someone with extreme intelligence and advanced knowledge of how these processes would turn out, could have engineered the universe in the manner that it exists.

When we speak of natural processes, we are talking about things that take place by accident. Natural processes are not guided by purpose or a plan, they simply happen. The moment that we describe anything that occurs naturally as having a purpose, it is no longer natural, but purposeful. Only a mind with the ability to think, reason, plan, and determine an outcome can cause something purposeful to happen.

Evolutionary theory is based upon unguided events that occur by trial and error over large durations of time. When we find anything that exists because it was set a specific way, at the start, this cannot be a natural or evolutionary process.

For example: you don’t know how to fix your car. You try several different things that don’t work before you begin to learn what the problem is and then you fix that problem. This took time and many failures before you finally arrive at a solution. This is a simplistic example of an evolutionary process.

If you already know ahead of time what the problem is, because you have the knowledge necessary to understand function and outcomes before you begin, you can fix the car the first time. This is an example of a purposeful process.

If you enter the cabin of your car after it is running again and see an am-fm radio located in the dashboard, you know that it receives radio signals that emit sound through the speakers of the car. You understand that unless you set the dial or specific frequency at precisely the right setting, you will not hear your favorite station.

In order to know how to fix the car or set the radio frequency precisely, you had to know things ahead of time. The car and the radio are minuscule in their technical nature compared to the universe. In spite of this, some people imagine that the extreme technical nature of our universe just happened to set itself precisely where it needed to be, and this resulted in human life on earth.

The question we might ask is why would the universe set itself where it needed to be for human life, if it didn’t know ahead of time that human life would exist on earth? Scientists understand today that there were at least 1,978 of these precise settings that were necessary over the course of the past 13.8 billion years, for life to be possible on earth today.

The radio in your car has less than 100 settings that are possible that must be precisely set at an exact frequency, if you will hear your favorite station. What would be the chance that your radio could set itself at your favorite station all by itself with no outside help?

Imagine a universe that suddenly begins and must set itself to 1,978 precise settings, some beginning at -430th of a second, and continuing for 13.8 billion years. Once these settings are precise, they must be maintained and constant, varying no more than .00001, or life will cease to exist on earth.

If you comprehend what I have written so far, you are beginning to understand the technical nature of the universe you live in. Nothing that you take for granted as wonderful and necessary for your life, is even a fraction of the technical nature that the universe you live in, is, and are necessary for life.

Evolution And Origins

There is no possibility that any evolutionary process could produce this universe or human life. The only type of evolution that science has observed and proven so far, is evolutionary adaptability that plants and animals experience under harsh conditions in order to survive. Evolutionists hide behind this observable, adaptability processes as evidence that everything could also have begun by the same evolutionary processes.

The problem with this hypothesis is that evolution cannot explain the origin of life, nor the origin of the universe. Science has proven that life and the universe did not begin by accident.

Science cannot produce even the most basic cell by any spontaneous process. The geologic record of earth proves that all of the “kinds” of animals on earth, appeared suddenly, not by a slow process of evolution. This is what science and evidence proves. The idea that all species on earth today originated by a single cell and evolved into all the species we see today, is not science at all. This idea is based upon conjecture and speculation. In order to believe that life originated on earth by accident, many assumptions must first be made that are not supportable by scientific evidence.

See 1,000 Ph.D, Scientists, Who Believe Evolution Is Wrong

Just as the idea that our universe began and contains the precise settings necessary for life to exist on earth—because of a prior universe (multiverse), the same idea that life on earth was possible by evolution—both make several assumptions—based upon hypothesis that are not scientifically provable. If you will rely upon science to prove that God exists, then the actual science we have today, proves that the universe and human life, are the result of intentional forethought, planning and engineering, only possible by a thinking Being of infinite knowledge.

Why? Because haphazard and unguided processes in nature cannot produce complexity. Only a mind that is capable of knowing the outcome of events can produce processes that will make these results possible.

In order for the universe to exist as it does today so that we humans can live on the earth and enjoy our lives, a mind was necessary. No natural process is capable of producing any beneficent result. Everything that exists on earth today as benevolent for human life, required advanced knowledge that these qualities would be desirable for human life.





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