It Is Inevitable That Science Will Acknowledge God As The Source Of The Universe

Every year new preeminent scientists are added to the list of those who have examined the evidence of the universe and conclude that it was made by an intelligence.

In 2016, American theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, said that the universe bears evidence of an intelligent source who governed the boundaries and scope of its existence by intelligence.

“I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence,”

Concerning the physical laws which govern the universe,  Dr. Kaku said that life was made possible because of rules that were created to shape its course for a purpose.

“To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.”

Michio, is the Henry Semat Chair and retains a Professorship in theoretical physics at the City College of New York. He has published more than 70 articles in physics journals ranging in topics such as hadronic physics, supersymmetry, superstring theory, and supergravity.

In 2015, I published my own book entitled: “A Universe From God, The True Source of The Cosmos.” In this publication I list over 75 leading Ph.D’s in virtually every science that have made this same conclusion.

What Many Think Is Accurate Science, Is Not

Many years ago when I began to question and try to understand what science was really saying about how life originated on earth, I was struck by the inconsistencies of their conclusions. I found that what science says happened and the reason that life is here, is not at all founded upon provable facts, but supposition and conjecture.

This led me to explore the true nature of the universe and how it came into being. I found that science has done the same thing with its conclusions for how life began.

Other universes as an explanation for how our own came into being is fine in the theoretical, but we should not use these ideas to make conclusive statements for the origin of our universe. This is precisely what has taken place in science. When the average person hears that our universe came about because of another universe or perhaps an infinite number of other universes, they think that these statements are based upon provable facts. The are not. Certainly the idea of multiple other universes works in mathematics, but it has never been observed as possible by observation. The reason that this is true is that we do not have the technology to see past our own universe.

The idea of multiple universes for our own is an answer that is even more difficult to imagine that an advanced Being who has existed so long that He has the capacity to build a universe.

Because our universe began suddenly when nothing existed previously, this is good evidence that it was brought into existence by a power of unimaginable proportions. The reason that we cite intelligence as the source of all that exists is due to the fact that an evolutionary process cannot suddenly originate all the matter of the universe.

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When scientists use math to unwind our universe back to it inception, they are struck by the occurrence of events that were certainly controlled.

  • Extreme Low Entropy: not possible given the environment of a massive explosion.
  • Controlled Distribution Of Matter: not possible under a natural explosion.
  • Expansion—Halt—Expansion: the procedure which caused the right distribution of matter, could not be caused without outside control.

We will cover these events in more detail later.

The present ideas for the origin of the universe are based upon theories but not the facts of science. Therefore, the possibility of creation by an intelligent Being is also a possibility that should be taught alongside cosmic evolution. The reason that it is not is due to the extreme prejudice of atheist academics who refuse to discuss anything that includes God.

We see this same procedure and prejudice in how science explains the beginning of life.

Evolutionary theory has taken the observable facts of adaptability by certain species and expanded it to include the certainty that all life evolved from a single species. Although there is no scientific evidence that this has actually occurred to prove that life began with one cell and spread to every existing species. this hypothesis is sold as certain to the entire world.

The Wrong Idea About God

Some people have a misguided concept about what they think God is. I find this especially difficult when they take the label of atheist. It is helpful in imagining whether God can exist to ask questions about the nature of the universe. In the world we live, we can know a person by the things they make. If I enter the studio of an artist and see his panting, or the wood shop of a craftsman, I can learn a great deal about the person from examining their work.

If God exists and He crafted the universe, by examining what He made we can learn something of who He is.

My journey of discovery for life and why it exists was partially cosmological in nature. I know that even amongst those who are staunch atheists, there are many who do believe that we live in a universe that likely contains other life in more advanced forms. There are some who imagine that there is a culture which has existed for billions of years longer than humans and have technological capabilities that far exceed those of earth.

It may be that these advanced creatures have achieved immortality by their science and may have the capacity to create life on other planets.

With these things in mind, I imagine a Being who has existed forever. There is nothing He does not know, nothing he cannot achieve. He determined to create a universe that could sustain a special planet with people who were like Him. He would likely want to communicate with us. Since it is by words that we communicate with each other, it would be by words that He would communicate with us.

There are artifacts in the Hebrew scriptures regarding the nature of earth and the universe that ancient man could not have known. The existence of gravity, before it was discovered. The fact of earth hanging on empty space. The origin of the universe being spread out like a curtain, which matches the cosmological model.

This led me to investigate what science actually knows about how the universe began. It was from this discovery that I realized we live in a universe that could not have come into existence by accident. Either the universe caused itself or it was caused; there is no other alternative.

As Michio stated that the universe we observe exists by laws which govern its function and continued existence, laws require an intelligence. As we are clearly the object of these rules that were placed into existence to permit our own existence, the Being who is responsible for these laws must also be our Creator.

If the universe did not cause itself and was caused; the source of this cause could only be an intelligence of immense power and knowledge.

  1. Science proves that there was nothing prior to the beginning of the universe, therefore what caused it to begin suddenly when there had been nothing before that moment? What is interesting is that not even time existed prior to the universe, nor was their any space to place a universe. This is empirical evidence  that someone intelligent enough to know how to do this, caused the universe to begin.
  2. The events which transpired during the first picosecond the the universe, -430th of a second, required precise control or no life would be possible later. Since no natural process can produce control, the obvious answer is that an intelligence controlled how these events took place.
  3. Some of the initial events of the universe which determined that our universe could produce an earth with humans upon it, were: an extreme low state of entropy, perfect balance of gravity to electromagnetism, controlled expansion to distribute matter so that stars and galaxies could form. None of these events could happen by themselves or exact a specific outcome necessary for life later on. This requires intelligence to ensure that they were guided perfectly.
  4. Evolution has never proven how life originally began, and it has never proven that all species came from one common ancestor. All life began suddenly and with each species already fully formed. This is what the scientific evidence proves. This is precisely what the Hebrew scriptures said about creation.

We do not live in an environment that occurred by happenstance. If not an accident then it was purposeful and this is only possible if this unlimited Being I described earlier, also exited.

What Is God?

We may call Him “God,” or the “Ultimate Extraterrestrial,” I believe He exists and the proof of His existence is by what He has made: an extraordinary universe.

It was man who created religion to control other man. The Being who has been trying to communicate with us, never intended that we think of Him in the terms that most people think of God today.

By the nature of His communication, He is personal, like us, interested in our lives and wants to help us achieve what He has achieved with His eternal existence.

The Scientist Who Discovered Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Is A Christian

Astrophysicist, Dr. Arno Penzias, a Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1978, is the co-discoverer of the moment of creation by Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. This discovery made in 1964 led to the startling announcement that the universe had a beginning, commonly described today as “The Big Bang.” Prior to this, scientists had stated that the universe is eternal and therefore does not require a Creator.⁠1

Dr. Penzias is a Christian, a believer in the Bible as the word of God, and vigorous defender of creation as the method by which the universe exists.

On March 12, 1978, not long after Dr. Penzias and Dr. Wilson discovered Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation that proved the universe had a beginning, Dr. Penzias made the following comments to the New York Times:

“The best data we have are exactly what I would have predicted, had I had nothing to go on but the five books of Moses, the Psalms, the Bible as a whole.”⁠2

In defining the universe as being made for a purpose, Dr. Penzias had these things to say:

If there are a bunch of fruit trees, one can say that whoever created these fruit trees wanted some apples. In other words, by looking at the order in the world, we can infer purpose and from purpose we begin to get some knowledge of the Creator, the Planner of all this. This is, then, how I look at God. I look at God through the works of God’s hands and from those works imply intentions. From these intentions, I receive an impression of the Almighty.”⁠3

In speaking of the methods by which God reveals Himself to man, Dr. Penzias stated:

“…maybe God always reveals Himself? Again I think as Psalm 19, ‘the heavens proclaim the glory of God,’ that is, God reveals Himself in all there is. All reality, to a greater or lesser extent, reveals the purpose of God. There is some connection to the purpose and order of the world in all aspects of human experience.”

In regards to the validity of the Old Testament and God speaking to Moses at Sinai:

“…Sinai was important for Judaism and important for the future of the world. It was a place where God chose the Jews, but the Jews also chose God. It was a historical moment in which a spiritual connection was made.”⁠4

Regarding a question that has great importance to this book, speaking of the genuineness of the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah:

“…I think that a Messiah is necessary to help achieve a purposeful world.”⁠5

Speaking of the universe based on the evidence that he has observed as a Physicist, Dr. Penzias said that his research into astrophysics has caused him to see “evidence of a plan of divine creation.”⁠6

“The Bible talks of purposeful creation. What we have, however, is an amazing amount of order; and when we see order, in our experience it normally reflects purpose.”

In an interview by Scientific Anthology in 1995, Dr. Penzias was asked if he thought that this order is reflected in the Bible?

“Well, if we read the Bible as a whole we would expect order in the world. Purpose would imply order, and what we actually find is order.”

So we can assume there might be purpose?

Dr. Penzias replied:

Exactly. …This world is most consistent with purposeful creation.”⁠7

In an interview from 1997, Dr. Penzias spoke of the reasons that scientists believe in God today.

“If God created the universe, he would have done it elegantly. The absence of any imprint of intervention upon creation is what we would expect from a truly all-powerful Creator. You don’t need somebody diddling around like Frank Morgan in The Wizard of Oz to keep the universe going. Instead, what you have is half a page of mathematics that describes everything. In some sense, the power of the creation lies in its underlying simplicity.”⁠8

Dr. Penzias states that despite the massive amount of evidence for the creation of the universe, scientists will not accept this data.

“How could the everyday person take sides in this dispute between giants? One held that the universe was created out of nothing, while the other proclaimed the evident eternity of matter. The ‘dogma’ of creation was thwarted by the ‘fact’ of the eternal nature of matter. Well, today’s dogma holds that matter is eternal. The dogma comes from the intuitive belief of people (including the majority of physicists) who don’t want to accept the observational evidence that the universe was created–despite the fact that the creation of the universe is supported by all the observable data astronomy has produced so far. As a result, the people who reject the data can arguably be described as having a ‘religious’ belief that matter must be eternal. These people regard themselves as objective scientists.” ⁠9

In a recent update to the former discovery made by Dr. Penzias which confirmed that the universe had a stunning and sudden beginning on March 21, 2013, a team of European research scientists from the Planck cosmology probe, released a brand new all-sky map of the Cosmic Background Radiation that Dr. Penzias and Dr. Wilson discovered in 1964. An updated study of the age of the universe confirms once again that the universe began suddenly about 13.798 billion years ago.⁠10 This is absolute confirmation of the first verse of the Bible which states: “in the beginning (of time), God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter).”

Science has confirmed, by observation, the existence of God as though He had been standing all along at the edge of the universe, shouting back to the earth, “Here I AM!” All this—a confirmation of the first verse of the Bible that declares, “In the beginning, God…”

During an interview with the New York Times on March 12, 1978, Dr. Penzias was asked what there was before the moment of the Big Bang.⁠11

We don’t know, but we can reasonably say that there was nothing.

During this broadcast, a listener called to accuse Dr. Penzias of being an atheist. He explained his comments further:

Madame, I believe you are not aware of the consequences of what I just said. Before the Big Bang there was nothing of what now exists. Had there been something, the question could be: where did it come from?

Dr. Penzias explained that because there was nothing at the beginning, this is a confirmation of Genesis 1:1. In the Hebrew language where Genesis Chapter 1 states, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” the word created is bara, which means to create from nothing. Science will never be able to successfully explain how there could be nothing and suddenly it began to rapidly expand into the present Cosmos.

It is interesting that in the massive push to get rid of God in the United States during the mid 60’s, these efforts ended up having the opposite effect. In the lawsuit between the American Atheists group led by Madalyn Murray O’Hair (Murray v. Curlett), which led to the landmark Supreme Court ruling that ended Bible reading in American public schools in 1963—the following year, in 1964, Dr. Penzias and Dr. Wilson discovered the moment of creation.⁠12

The co-discoverer of the moment of Creation, Dr. Robert Wilson, made this observation regarding the realization that they had discovered the beginning of the universe:

“Certainly there was something that set it all off. Certainly, if you are religious, I can’t think of a better theory of the origin of the universe to match with Genesis.”⁠13

Before the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation by Astrophysicist, Dr. Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, scientists believed that the universe was static and had existed for eternity. In 1964 this all changed when Penzias and Wilson discovered that all of the galaxies are moving away from each other from a central point of origin.

This means that the universe had a beginning. The mathematics of this theory reveals a point in time when time began, matter came into being, and the space to allow it to expand, all began at a singularity referred to as The Big Bang.

The scientific evidence left behind for us to discover, proves that there was nothing before the universe began. The idea of other universes or particles that may have existed before, are impossible as the evidence proves that even the vacuum of space was not in existence for anything else to be present prior to the moment the universe began.

This means that the universe had a sudden and violent beginning. Because the second law of thermodynamics defines energy deteriorating over time, if we follow the data for the energy that now exists in the universe, back to its point of origin, the moment the universe began, there must have been an extreme state of organization and almost no chaos or rate of decay.

The initial explosion of matter at the commencement of the universe should have meant that it was highly chaotic. This is the nature of all explosions and the beginning of the universe was the largest explosion that has ever taken place. The problem is that this massive explosion was not extremely chaotic, it was extremely organized.

This is empirical evidence that there was a mind behind this event which caused these events to unfold in a prescribed way. It also means that the beginning of the universe was not random, or chaotic as is required by evolutionary theory.

The way that we can prove this highly organized initial universe is by the second law of thermodynamics. This law states that the universe gets more random and chaotic over time. The opposite of this is that as we go back in time we find that things are more organized. This means that at the moment of the Big Bang when the universe began, it was highly organized. The question is why was the universe so highly organized when it began? This brings us to the logical inference of this evidence, who organized the universe at its beginning because evolution or random acts could not produce a high degree of organization or low entropy, at the moment of such a massive explosion.

How unique and unlikely was it that the universe began with such a high degree of organization? We can express  this dubious event mathematically with the number 1 in 10123.

To give you an idea how impossible this high state of organization would be at the initial universe when it should have been highly chaotic, we can express this mathematically by the number 1 in 10123. The estimated number of all the atoms for all matter in the universe is 1080.(14) 

The beginning of the universe with this extreme state of organization is only possible by a Being, not a process.

These are facts of science and cosmology which have reached a state of undeniably. This is the reason that year after year we get closer to proving the existence of God by science and the universe than we do from disproving Him.

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