The Primary Issues Of New Testament Criticism

How do we know that the New Testament is reliable and was truly written by eyewitnesses who really saw and heard Jesus? Were the Gospels of Christ written early or later in the first century? Did the writers of the Gospels borrow from each other in order to create the synoptic Gospels? Has the text of the New Testament been changed over the course of history? Are there thousands of errors in the text of the New Testament? Are there any other sources for Jesus other than the New Testament? Did Jesus really claim to be God?

These Are A Few Of The Primary Issues Of New Testament Criticism

The reason that these questions are important is obvious. If it can be proven that the Gospels were written late in the first century, then the idea that these texts were written by eyewitnesses is impeached. If the Gospels were not written by men who had actually seen and heard Jesus, it is not possible to trust what is written about Jesus.

If the text has been changed, how can we trust that what is written is what we have in our New Testament today? What are these alleged errors and how do they affect the credibility of the New Testament narratives? If we only have the New Testament to prove that Jesus existed and did the things written in the text, is this enough to fully validate Him as a real person of history?

Answering these questions with credible, intelligent answers is essential to a successful defense of the Gospel. Here you will find answers to these questions and evidence that can be used to prove everything the New Testament declares about Jesus.

The reason that defending the Gospel of Christ is critically important to every Christian is due to the assertion of modern liberal New Testament scholars that the New Testament is not trustworthy. If liberal scholars can convince people that what we have in our New Testament is unreliable, people will not believe that Jesus is a true historical person who actually said and did the things that are written of Him in the Bible.

The following are the resources available at this site which contain evidence to prove each of these important issues:

  1. When Were The Gospels Written?
  2. Were The Gospels Written By Eyewitnesses?
  3. Did The Gospel Writers Borrow From Each Other?
  4. Has The Text Of The New Testament Been Changed?
  5. Is The New Testament Filled With Errors?
  6. Were The Four Gospels Written Anonymously?
  7. The Body Of New Testament Evidence
  8. Are There Sources For Jesus Outside The New Testament?
  9. Is The New Testament A Valid Historical Narrative?
  10. Did Jesus Really Claim To Be God?

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