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The Christian church today, is filled with many who attend; listen to the sermons, sing the songs, give their tithe and offerings, yet are not saved. We see these individuals many years later when they sign registries online for those who claim to have once been saved and have followed Jesus, but now; no longer believe. Some of these person’s write books describing their many activities and years of service to the church, as evidence that they were sincere believers. In fact, Jesus described these persons as pretenders, who did all the right things, while never having a heart that was changed by the message of Jesus Gospel.

Today, we see many large churches that have thousands who attend their services. Sadly, only a very small number of the people in these churches have entered into a genuine relationship of salvation with Jesus. How do I know this? What gives me the right to make this judgement? This is what Jesus said would happen. (more…)