Is The Jesus You Believe In, The True Jesus?


The title of this post presents a strange proposition

We might ask why anyone would ask such a question. After all, isn’t there only one Savior who is called Jesus? No, there are actually others who are called “Jesus,” and are not the Jesus of the New Testament. Continue reading “Is The Jesus You Believe In, The True Jesus?”


It’s The Little Things That Add Up To A Big Life


Most of us have a long list of regrets for the things we have done in our past. In fact, we waste an extraordinary amount of time thinking about things that we have no power to change. It is important to remember that we are not defined  by the person we were in our past. We are defined by who we are today. It is through the choices that we are making right now that people understand who we are. Oh, I know that people remember the mistakes that you have made. Your relatives will think back to those foolish things that you said and did when you were younger and define you in those terms. The incredible thing about today is that you can begin a whole new life for yourself, if you want to. In no time at all, people will begin to think of you in a new way and define the person you are by the things you have been doing from this moment when you decide to change your life. Continue reading “It’s The Little Things That Add Up To A Big Life”

The Church of the Last Days: Many are Unsaved


The Christian church today, is filled with many who attend; listen to the sermons, sing the songs, give their tithe and offerings, yet are not saved. We see these individuals many years later when they sign registries online for those who claim to have once been saved and have followed Jesus, but now; no longer believe. Some of these person’s write books describing their many activities and years of service to the church, as evidence that they were sincere believers. In fact, Jesus described these persons as pretenders, who did all the right things, while never having a heart that was changed by the message of Jesus Gospel.

Today, we see many large churches that have thousands who attend their services. Sadly, only a very small number of the people in these churches have entered into a genuine relationship of salvation with Jesus. How do I know this? What gives me the right to make this judgement? This is what Jesus said would happen. Continue reading “The Church of the Last Days: Many are Unsaved”