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The Following is from the Preface to One Gospel:

“These things were written so that you might believe”

How would you feel if you had a son and he went into hostile territory to seek out and save people who would never thank him for what he had done?⁠ What would you do if these individuals falsely accused your son of crimes he did not commit and had him arrested, beaten, and executed?¹ What emotions would you feel if your son cried out to you to forgive the men who were torturing your son, and he asked you to not hold these crimes against them?⁠² What would you do to these men, when they treated the love that your son gave to them, as garbage to be thrown out and disregarded?⁠³

We forget that there was a Father who was watching His Son die, as Jesus hung on the cross. God planned this event, before the creation of the universe. The Son wanted to save us and He was willing to take upon Himself, all of our sins.

Consider that all of the drops of rain that have fallen upon the earth since its creation, are comparable to the tears that fell from the face of the Father, when His Son bore our sins upon the cross, suffered so greatly, and died.



Crucifixion is described as one of the most horrific ways to put a man to death. Reserved for only the worst of criminals, what had Jesus done that warranted such vicious treatment?

As we read the accounts of His life in the four gospels, we see a man who is full of love and compassion. Every sick person who came to Jesus—He healed. Every hurting man or woman, Jesus loved and encouraged. Every lost sinner who came to Him in sorrow for their sins, Jesus forgave and bestowed a new life.

Jesus stood against injustice, religious hypocrisy, and pretentiousness by those who claim to know God. When the woman at the well sought to turn the discussion to religion, Jesus turned her back to a relationship with God.

Everything that Jesus did, was good, righteous, and Holy.

The testimony of those who had been with Him every day of His three and one-half year ministry, described Him as perfect and without sin (Prophecy 21). None of the people from Nazareth came to Jerusalem when Jesus proclaimed Himself as the Messiah and opposed Him on grounds that He was a sinful man. Every person who listened to Jesus and watched the way that He treated people was struck by His grace.

This was no ordinary man, this was no sinner, this was not a man who deserved to die by crucifixion.



Although the prophecies of the Old Testament describe the Messiah as God, specific predictions such as the prophecies written by Isaiah, also define Him as: pouring out His soul unto death. Possessing the power of creation and destruction, the Savior of the world will use His great abilities to save, not destroy.

Isaiah 53:12b Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great, And He shall divide the spoil with the strong, Because He poured out His soul unto death...

When the soldiers come to arrest Jesus, the testimony of John 18:3-6 describes Him as: knowing all things that would come upon Him. This language indicates that Jesus believed that He was fully in control of every event that took place. The soldiers were allowed to arrest Him because He permitted it to happen. (more…)


According to the laws of Israel, many of which became the very fabric of American and International law, Jesus indictment, trials, and conviction–were unjust. In any other court of law in a civilized nation, no system of government would have allowed the gross misuse of power that the Sanhedrin instituted against Jesus. How is it that Israel could make such a great blunder? The answer is really very simple: This injustice was predicted by the Hebrew prophets, nearly 700 years before these events took place.[1a]

Jesus is taken across the Praetorium of the Fortress Antonia to Pontius Pilate. The Jews made accusations against Jesus, that on the surface appeared to be very serious.

There were four major charges against Jesus; all of which were false.

  1. Jesus perverted the nation of Israel.
  2. He opposed paying taxes to Caesar.
  3. Jesus claimed to be a king, which was “sedition.” Known as rebellion against Roman authority, this was the most serious crime against Roman law.
  4. Jesus said that He would “destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days.”

As a result of these false charges, Jesus is forced to endure six different trials. (more…)


According to Prophecy 309, Jesus was killed on April 14, 32 A.D., at 3:00 in the afternoon.

There were six trials that were conducted the night before Jesus was crucified. All of these proceedings were illegal, based on the rule of law in effect at the time these events took place.