Born Once; Die Twice. Born Twice; Die Once

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There is a curious paradox that is presented in the pages of the Bible that a great majority of people have not understood. Jesus described a physical birth that every person will experience; and a second spiritual birth that is necessary in order to obtain eternal life. Jesus said that because of our sin and sin nature, we are all already under the condemnation of God and dead in our sins.[1] Once we understand who Jesus is and the reason that He came into the world, we have the opportunity to be born again a second time. At that moment, our spirit within that was formerly dead, comes alive. Continue reading “Born Once; Die Twice. Born Twice; Die Once”


Irrefutable Evidence For The Existence Of God


Is there verifiable evidence for the existence of God? Yes. In fact, the evidence is so substantial, so empirical, so undeniable, we can know for certain that God does exist.

When we consider any event from history as a valid occurrence, we must examine the evidence that those who were present during that time, said or wrote, concerning these events. We know that Abraham Lincoln is a genuine person from history, by the 20,000 documents that exist which authenticate his existence.

We know that World Wars one and two took place, because history has recorded these events.

The existence of God has such a large body of empirical evidence that no reasonable person could deny His existence. Continue reading “Irrefutable Evidence For The Existence Of God”

Tacitus as a Credible Witness


Claims that Tacitus account of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, were written at too great a distance to the event—to be considered credible, are without merit.

Tacitus was 7 years old when the Great Fire of Rome took place, he was well aware of this massive inferno, which destroyed most of the city. Tacitus knew in great detail, the accusations of Nero and the reasons for which Christianity was spreading so greatly over the world: the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tacitus never refutes either, and being that he was a patriot of Rome, he certainly was not sympathetic to Christians—whom he believed were responsible for the destruction of the city he loved. Tacitus simply recorded the facts of Jesus Crucifixion, as they were dictated to him by Nero and those who had first hand knowledge of the event.[1] Continue reading “Tacitus as a Credible Witness”