The Ease Of Proving God Exists From Empirical Evidence


In the discussion of God’s existence, the evidence that proves this certainty is resident within a variety of sources. This brief article notes a short list of the hundreds that are available in order to make the most logical and empirical conclusions in the smallest space possible. Let us begin with a logical examination of the facts:

  1. If God exists there would be evidence of His Being.
  2. History records that Jesus of Nazareth claimed that He is God; Creator of all that exists.
  3. Jesus displayed every quality and capacity of God that a reasonable person would expect from a source that has asserted that they are God. He healed every sickness and disease, opened the eyes of those born blind, healed a man who was paralyzed for 38 years. Healed the servant of the Centurion at great distance. Healed the incurable disease of leprosy. Opened the ears of the deaf. Commanded demons to depart those they had enslaved. Jesus claimed the authority to forgive all sins, a quality that only God could assert.
  4. Jesus displayed the ability to suspend the physical laws of the universe; abilities that only God could possess. He commanded the winds and waves to calm. He walked across the surface of the sea. He Commanded the dead body of Lazarus to raise who had been in the tomb four days. Turned water into wine. Commanded fish into the net of Simon Peter.
  5. Jesus is a genuine person from history, supported by over one hundred pieces of non biblical evidence from antiquity.
  6. This secular historical record validates Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We can literaly recreate every major event of Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection from non-biblical sources that are extant today.
  7. Since Jesus retains all the attributes and powers that only God could possess and all of His supernatural works are validated by eye witnesses, and these events are validated by both the secular and biblical records of history, God exists in the person of Jesus Christ.

In addition, a few relevant facts of the Man called “Jesus,” who claimed to be God:

  1. The testimony of those who knew Jesus, well, having lived in close proximity to Him for three and one half years, stated that He is a perfect man, without one sin.
  2. Jesus was born by supernatural means: without an earthly father.
  3. He allowed Himself to be unjustly arrested, accused, and convicted of crimes He did not commit, without offering a personal defense.
  4. He allowed evil men to scourge Him until He was unrecognizable as a man, and then nailed Him to a Roman Cross.
  5. Before He was crucified, Jesus predicted that He would raise Himself from the dead. Three days later; as He promised and as the Old Testament Scriptures predicted, eye witnesses documented that Jesus rose from the dead.
  6. Jesus remained on earth for forty days and was seen by more than five-hundred eye witnesses.
  7. Jesus said that all authority in heaven and on earth was given to Him. He said that He will return again to rule over the earth.

I have written extensively on this subject in 24 books and thousands of articles over the past forty years. The purpose of this article to to demonstrate a single concise source for the empirical evidence that proves the existence of God.

The place where we begin our compilation of evidence is in the historical record. We start with the secular, non religious record of history that documents the existence of Jesus Christ, in Jerusalem, during the period of history where the four Gospels place Him.

Every day that you wake up and start your day, history proves to you that God exists. Two thousand years ago an event of such profound magnitude that it forever changed the course of human history, took place. Jesus of Nazareth was introduced to the world. Jesus said that He came into the world to prove to us that God exists and that He deeply loves each one of us. Jesus set out to demonstrate that He possessed the attributes that only God could retain. He healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, made the paralyzed walk, opened deaf ears, healed the incurable leprosy, and raised the dead. Thousands of people saw with their own eyes, things that only God could do.

Jesus carefully orchestrated His life in such a way that He would be in the precise place, say the precise things, and do the precise works that the ancient Hebrew prophets predicted the Messiah would display to the world. These men very carefully documented that when this Messiah arrived on earth, He would be the Son of God, and reveal what God is truly like. The Messiah would take the sins of the world upon Himself and die, being pierced and hung on a tree, paying for the wrongs of every human being.

See the Books:The Prophecies of the Messiah,” and “The Messianic Prophecy Bible,” for detailed examples of how Jesus perfectly fulfilled over 400 ancient Hebrew prophecies about the Messiah.

Jesus made it clear that the reason He came to us was so that we would know that God exists and that He wants to save us and give eternal life to anyone who would believe.

Consider that because of Jesus’ presence here on earth, claiming to be God, that the date we have displayed on our smartphones today, is reflective of Jesus reality in human history. The birth of Jesus split our calendar between B.C., what happened before Christ, and A.D., what happen after Jesus; “Anna Domini,” “Latin for “The Year of our Lord.” How could this have happened if Jesus never existed in human history?

In my books, I document more than 100 facts from antiquity that prove Jesus existence in history as a real person, all from non-religious sources. These sources describe events of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Experts in world history who have examined the documents which describe Jesus’ Crucifixion have stated that it is virtually impossible that Jesus was not crucified on a Roman cross and died, as the New Testament describes.

It is possible to completely reconstruct the entire final weeks of Jesus ‘ life when He was arrested, scourged, crucified, buried, and rose again, strictly from secular sources. We need no help from the Bible in order to do this. If Jesus did not exist, as some have stated, why then is there such a great number of non religious sources which place Him in Jerusalem, crucified and resurrected?

See the books: “Yeshu, The Historical Jesus,” and “From Creator To The Cross,” for detailed Information regarding these secular sources that fully document Jesus in history.

These non Biblical sources for Jesus, were not sympathetic to Him nor His cause. In fact, they were all quite hostile towards Him. The writings from these secular sources are not complimentary to Jesus. They describe Him in negative terms as a nuisance, disturber of the peace, inciter of riots, who violated their laws. It was not the intention of these secular writers to preserve a record of Jesus’ presence here on earth. They never realized that by their adversarial remarks about Jesus which they wrote in their documents that they were actually preserving a historical record of Him during that period of history.

You may not like the fact that Jesus exists in the historical record, but your resistance will not remove Him from history. With the immense amount of evidence that exists for Jesus as a real person, should you continue to not believe, this is substantial proof that there is no amount of evidence that will ever convince you that He exists in history and positively examine His claim to be the Eternal God.

Since it is an empirical fact of history that Jesus did exist during the time that the New Testament describes Him, we must then go back and examine everything that He said and did. When we do, we find that Jesus was very precise in His resolute affirmation that He is God. Later, Paul wrote in  his letter to the Colossians that everything that exists was created by Jesus and all things are held together by Him (Colossians 1:16-17).

God has proven His existence in the person of Jesus Christ. He possessed all of the attributes that we would expect from God. There is no record anywhere of any imperfection of moral behavior or character in Jesus Christ. He is perfect in every way.

God exists and He has come to us to prove that He exists. He wants for you to know Him and that is why Jesus came into the world. Jesus told those that followed Him,  that if you have seen Him, you have seen God, Jesus and God are one and the same.

Resources in support of the claims made in this article:

121 Non Biblical Sources For Jesus in the Historical Record
The Secular Record of History, Proves That Jesus Rose From The Dead.

The Darkness at Noon During Jesus Crucifixion is Confirmed by Secular Historians.
The Historical Record of Jesus Life from Secular Sources.

See All The Books of Robert Clifton Robinson

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