The Record Of Secular History And Jesus

Critics of God and the Bible, often state that there are no historical references to Jesus outside of the Bible. As is so often the case, people make statements like these without really knowing all of the facts.

From the non biblical record of history, we can reconstruct the entire life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The majority of these texts speak of Jesus in derogatory or non-complementary terms. None of these texts are seeking to prove the existence of Jesus nor validate Him as a genuine person of history. In fact, by their non complementary, and often scathing remarks, these writers of antiquity have preserved for us a substantial and conclusive chronicle of the same events that are a part of the New Testament narrative.

There are 121 Secular, non-Biblical citations for Jesus outside the New Testament, that confirm the details of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in Jerusalem during the same period the events of the New Testament are described.

Suetonius: Secretary to the Roman Emperor Hadrian. First Century, stated that
The entire reason that 5 million Christians were crucified over a 250 year period of time was due to their unwavering faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Tacitus concluded: 1. The fervency of Christians was due to their firm belief that Jesus had risen from the dead. 2. Christians were crucified because their founder was also crucified. 3.Christians would not deny Jesus because they were certain He had risen from the dead.

Jewish Talmud: Rabbi’s Judah, Akiba, and Meir, wrote in opposition to Jesus in the Mishna and Gemaras Talmud. 1) Jesus is described as “hanged on a tree.” 2) The Talmud confirms Jesus’ crucifixion as occurring during the same period that the New Testament records these events.

Pliny the Younger, during the first century, describing Christianity and Jesus. There was great concern that a wide-spread belief in the resurrection would cause tremendous difficulties for the government of Rome. For this reason, believers in Jesus were put to death.

There are 400 Hebrew Prophecies for Messiah that are documented throughout the New Testament where the writers note that Jesus was fulfilling what these prophets wrote and this is why He is the True Messiah. Jesus’ story began in the Old Testament, everything He did was predicted!

Early Christians would not deny Jesus, even in the face of certain death. Today, people deny Jesus simply because they don’t understand something or have their expectations met. May we become a generation of steadfast believers who will never leave Jesus.


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