These Things Were Written: An Expositional Treatise Of The Life, Death, And Resurrection Of Jesus

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He was not the kind of man whom most people would consider a powerful leader or conqueror of nations. He worked with His hands and shaped wood from trees into useful objects for life. He used no force to compel anyone. He spoke humbly; and He treated the lost, the broken, and the poor with great compassion and love. He did not attend a prominent Rabbinical school to learn the ancient scriptures. He was no author or traveling evangelist. There were no accolades or parades when He came into the world, though He created all that exist by the words of His mouth.

Although this man fulfilled every promise of the prophets of old, His arrival at Jerusalem was met with shock and dismay. “Who is this Carpenter from Nazareth?” The Pharisees cried. “No prophet ever came out of Galilee.” He was rejected, despised, ridiculed, scourged, and crucified. While bearing unimaginable suffering Himself, the constant desire of His heart was to bring freedom to His tormentors. To the men who tortured Him: “Father, forgive them.” To the repentant thief on the cross, who had mocked Him moments before: “Today you will be with Me in paradise.” To the whole world, a promise: “It is finished.” The work of your redemption is complete; eternal life is yours; heaven is your eternal home.

His heart burst from within as the mounting pressure of bearing the sins of the world pushed His body beyond the stress than any man had ever bore. He commanded His spirit to depart His body. He breathed His last; His blood poured out; His work–finished. For three days He lay in the borrowed tomb of a friend; His body, experiencing no decay. On the first day of the week, a spectacular event equalled only by the first moments of the universe, when light exploded into the darkness of this world and He was alive once more.

This extensive Treatise examines every part of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and presents conclusive evidence that God came to earth as Jesus, and proved that He exists. By the time any reasonable person completes this extensive examination of Jesus, it is certain that their view of who Jesus is will be drastically changed. The expositional style of this book takes the reader through the scriptures verse by verse, describing all things written from Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms regarding the promise and arrival of the Messiah.

From these Old Testament descriptions of who and what Messiah would say and do, we explore all the events of the New Testament in which Jesus fulfilled every prophecy that was written for Him.

The specific and detailed analysis of all that Jesus said and did is unpacked and applied to our lives today. You will be astounded at how personal and relevant what Jesus said and did is applicable to your life in this present age.

I wrote this book so that a person could learn more about Jesus and the reason He came to earth than perhaps any other book they have read before.

Taking 39 years to research and 3 years to write, “These Things Were Written” is a 3,253-page treatise on all the important points of Jesus’ incredible story.

In this publication, you will discover 10 Sections, with 192 chapters.

  1. Jesus’ Origin: 18 Chapters
  2. Jesus’ Ministry: 35 Chapters
  3. Who Jesus Is: 50 Chapters
  4. What Jesus Endured: 39 Chapters
  5. What Jesus Accomplished: 9 Chapters
  6. Why Jesus Did It: 9 Chapters
  7. Jesus’ Future: 9 Chapters
  8. Jesus, The Messiah: 8 Chapters
  9. Reliable Evidence: 12 Chapters
  10. Our Response: 3 Chapters

If it is your desire to discover who Jesus really is, what He has done, and the reasons why He came to earth, this book will meet every expectation.

See “These Things Are Written,” at Amazon

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