The Ruse Of Atheist New Testament Scholars

Is a New Testament scholar an authority regarding the true facts and reliability of the narratives concerning Jesus? If you are like many people, you would say “yes.” What if this scholar is an atheist and doesn’t believe that God exists, or the texts written in the New Testament are true, would you still look to this scholar as an authority?

For a majority of Christians, the answer would be “no.” For a majority of atheists, the answer is “yes.”

Today the New Testament is under assault by an enemy disguised as a scholar. Millions of unsuspecting people have been fooled by the deception of best-selling authors that assert the New Testament is not to be trusted.

The New Testament contains proving criteria for anyone who asserts they are an authority in these texts. First, they must be a believer in Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. Second, they must believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the primary method of communication God has chosen to reveal Himself.

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Jesus said that unless a person is “born again” by the Spirit of God, they will not have the capacity to understand the surviving texts of the New Testament. Paul elaborated on this principle by saying that what is written and preserved for us is “spiritually discerned.” This means that only those who believe God exists and are diligently seeking Him (Hebrews 11:6) have the capacity to understand the texts of the Bible and be a genuine scholar, through decades of diligent study in these texts.

Who Is Qualified To Be A Biblical Scholar?

According to Jesus, a scholar is not a person with a secular education or a PhD. There are many men and women who have achieved these distinctions but do not believe God exists.

Today, modern New Testament scholarship includes atheist scholars. The Christian church has permitted this because these persons have done their due diligence in obtaining an advanced degree. The problem is that a PhD does not convey the Holy Spirit to anyone. Jesus said that no scholar can understand the texts about Him without the Holy Spirit.

Jesus often condemned the leaders of Israel, who were the “Doctors of the Law” while committing grievous errors in their exposition and hermeneutics of the Hebrew scriptures.

When Nicodemus came to Jesus late one night, he was a PhD in the Hebrew scriptures but he didn’t recognize that Jesus was the Messiah who was promised by the Old Testament scriptures. An advanced education prevented what was most needed: the Spirit of God that imparts genuine knowledge.

A person without the Spirit of God is not capable of genuine scholarship concerning the New Testament. We see this demonstrated by the comments and conclusions of atheist scholars in their published works concerning the New Testament. There are numerous errors made by these men and women because they do not have the ability to comprehend what they are seeking to evaluate.

According to atheist scholars, and many secular scholars, it is not necessary to believe in God or that the New Testament is true. In fact, they see their non-belief as a valuable asset in being impartial as a scholar. This is not true, according to Jesus and the writers of the Bible. The Hebrew and Greek scriptures were never meant for evaluation by any non-believer. Any person can read the Bible and gain enough understanding to make a commitment to believe in the God it reveals; they cannot gain sufficient knowledge to make valid scholarly criticism concerning these texts.

This book provides the evidence that proves an atheist New Testament scholar is not qualified to evaluate or make valid conclusions regarding the New Testament. In these twelve chapters, the errors and incorrect conclusions of atheist scholars are revealed, which prove they are incapable of unbiased criticism because of their unbelief.

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2 replies

  1. Dear Mr. Robinson,

    This essay is very timely. Just yesterday I admonished a You Tube sponsor for wasting his time pandering to the atheist skeptics. He said he was addressing scholars. Right off the bat I told him that these “scholars” (I used quotes) are actually
    money-grubbing deceivers.

    Of course, a believer wrote in to chastise me saying it wasn’t very Christian of me to let people flounder without guiding them. I told her the extent of my dialogues with atheists, even the subjects of subjectivity vs objectivity, scriptural exegesis, existentialism, and phenomenology.. I concluded with her letting her know we must be able to discern whether we are trying to sow our seeds on barren soil.

    As atheists as a rule of thumb seem to shun the light and prefer darkness, God will give them over to what they want out of respect for their free moral agency. I commented Ehrman gives Looney Tunes a run for their money and that it is comical to see him smack himself left and right.

    I am literally blown away by the proliferation of apostasy and non-believers. I came across yesterday a women who says demons don’t exist and she said humanistic secular methods like psychology will provide the answers. A Jew I spoke with claimed
    worship of Lord Jesus Christ is viewed as first class example of idolatry. He said their salvation comes from Tschu’va.

    The other day I talked myself blue in the face to a Catholic about how transubstantiation is a man-made doctrine and is unscriptural. I said if those wafers and that wine turned into Christ’s Body and Blood every Sunday, every scientist and his brother-in-law would be on top of this phenomenon. It would revolutionize science.

    And finally, I was watching a tourist video about Rome. I commented how curious it is that the Catholic Church commemorated a giant statue of Moloch in the Colosseum as they have jurisdiction over exhibits. Moloch was an idol god to which people sacrificed children. God rebukes Moloch in scripture.

    The list goes on…… and on. I keep trying to speak with these people as some enter into intelligent conversation. Some are just plain nasty, however.

    Keep up the great essays.

    Steve Rodak


    • Steve,

      Thanks for sharing all the things the Lord is doing through you recently. You have been very busy.

      I also have been seeing the proliferation of the Atheist Ruse regarding the New Testament, in my debates with atheists, and nearly every article I read from an online news agency, has Ehrman’s never ending insistence that the New Testament is not reliable.

      Fortunately, Bart Ehrman is extremely easy to impeach because most all of his statements are merely his opinion, and he provides no evidence to prove the New Testament is unreliable. In this new Book, “The Ruse of the Atheist New Testament Scholar,” I expose these errors and demonstrate that Ehrman and other atheist scholars, are inept at genuine New Testament Criticism.

      After just one hour, the book is doing phenomenally well, and the reception has been far beyond my expectations. I think a hornets nest has been disrupted. I imagine in the next few months, the New Testament community will be talking about the subjects in this book, and there will be many online discussions over who is really a New Testament scholar.




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