From the text of John chapter 1, Colossians 1, and Hebrews 1, we learn that Jesus is God and the source of all that exists. Arius of Alexandar developed the idea that only God the Father is eternal and sent a created Jesus to earth to represent Him. This heresy essentially makes Jesus a part of creation instead of the Author of Creation.

Again a diminishment of the true nature of Jesus as revealed in the pages of the Bible.

The Arianism philosophy of Christ originated in Alexandria Egypt in 320 A.D. During the first ecumenical council at Nicaea this doctrine was condemned as heresy and rejected by the Christian church. Some accounts of this period of history described this particular heresy as the greatest threat to the church at that time.

Arius further taught that though Jesus was a created being, by His position as Savior of the world, He should be worshipped as God. A particular sect of Arianism believed that both Jesus and the Holy Spirit were created by God the Father, the Holy Spirit coming first.