Reasons For Unbelief

Why Many People Find No Evidence For Belief In God

The reasons that people have for not believing in God are many an varied. Some are due to environmental issues that were caused by growing up a certain way. Others find abhorrence to the manner in which some people who claim to be Christians, act or speak. There are some who genuinely have not found any evidence to convince them. A few people cannot believe in a God who permits a child to get cancer or be abused at the hands of a child molester.

Evidence For God

When we go through the sickness and death of a dear loved one or close friend, these losses are frequently cause to end our trust in God. We pray and ask that our loved one would be healed. We believe that God is good and that He has the power to heal. When our family member or friend dies, we begin to think that either God doesn’t care or He can’t heal. Either way, we will not believe in a God who refuses to help us when we are in a desperate need.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I have often felt like this in my own life. I have counseled many hundreds who have had these same feelings.

It is difficult for us to understand a Transcendent Being who has existed forever and what His plans are all about. We try to relate to Him based upon our imagination of what God would be like. If He doesn’t act or respond as we expect, sometimes our faith in Him is diminished or killed altogether.

It is important to understand that our views of God and how we expect Him to act or respond, are often the source of our problems with Him.

Causes For Unbelief

When we pray for a loved one and ask God to heal and they die, we don’t realize that He did answer our prayer. Our loved one was healed by being taken to heaven and given a brand new body that will never get sick or die again.

We feel abhorrence towards God when we see children who acquire cancer or other diseases and they die so young. We feel angry. How could a God of love let this happen to an innocent child?

What is not often considered is that when God took this child to heaven and they received a new and perfect body, they are spared the many years of suffering and difficulty that all of us who are still living, must endure.

When we think that God has not taken appropriate action to punish evil men for their abuse of children, the elderly, or the informed, we are wrong.

God sent Hi Son into the world to die a horrendous death to pay for all sins and to bring judgement on evil men who refuse to repent and turn to Him. The end of those who hurt, kill, maim and destroy the lives of others is more horrible that any of us could ever imagine. God has brought judgment to this world, it is just not seen by us yet because we live within the constraints of time and earth.

From God’s perspective, all evil has been punished. When these evil people die they will be taken  to hell where they will pay for their crimes against people for eternity.

The victims of evil are carried by the angels to heaven where they live in perfection, beauty, and peace forever.

Problems With Evidence

For those who believe that Jesus is not a real person from history, the record reveals that there is a tremendous amount of evidence. This documentation is included on this web site. There is a list of links at the end of this article to direct you to this evidence.

For those who believe that there is no good evidence for the existence of God, you should know that I once felt the same way. I have included a vast number of facts and evidentiary proofs that God must exist. You can find these at the end of this article.

Whatever your reason for struggling with faith, God has provided solutions for you. God never asked anyone to place trust in Him without first giving a tremendous amount of evidence for you to peruse.

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