Christianity Vs. Religion

For some, “Christianity Vs. Religion,” is a strange statement. The idea that religion would be different from Christianity is not something that many people have considered. When I first began my journey into the Bible and sought to understand the basis and principles of Christianity, I thought that religion and Christianity were one and the same.

Now, four decades later, I realize that they are diametrically opposed to each other. Religion is a system that has been created by men for the purpose of controlling people by spiritual precepts. Religion contains specific rules and traditions that have been handed down through several generations. In the broad sense, religion demands certain works from people in order to validate them as a genuine member of their particular religion.

  • Salvation by works.
  • Obedience to the church
  • Payment of a certain percentage of income.
  • Many traditions and rules to be obediently followed.
  • Observance of certain days.
  • Necessity of witnessing for membership.
  • Salvation is not secure.
  • Baptism as necessary for salvation.

This is contrasted with Biblical Christianity

  • Salvation by grace
  • Obedience to God out of love.
  • Voluntary tithes and offerings.
  • Simple worship and adoration of God.
  • Focus on teaching and learning the Bible.
  • Gathering of believers for fellowship, prayer, and encouragement.
  • Secure salvation, based upon Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Baptism an outward sign of salvation that has already happened.




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