Overcoming Loss

For some, the loss of a loved one—either through death or divorce—presents a difficult question of God’s love or concern for their life. There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching someone we love get sick, suffer, and die. The helpless feeling that results from that experience is inexplicable.

Often during these times of loss, we call upon God in prayer and seek His mercy. When healing doesn’t come. When we ask for the life of our loved one to be spared and they die. When a spouse seeks to end a marriage and we feel helpless to do anything to stop it. In so many places of difficulty, people often petition God for His help.

If He does not answer us according to our desire we begin to feel that He is either uncaring, or unable to help.

What is often misunderstood is the fact that God does hear and He does answer in these moments of trial. The problem for us is that we do not understand or perceive the answers He gives us.

The most merciful and loving thing that God could do for our loved one when they are suffering so greatly is to heal by taking the sick or suffering to heaven. Imagine a place where there is no suffering, sickness or death. Imagine a life where no evil exists and love permeates the lives of those who live there as sunlight covers the earth.

God doesn’t want to simply heal us to live a few more years but heal us to live forever. We don’t consider this thought because we want our loved ones to remain with us. If we think about our situation we would likely agree that to take our friend or family member to heaven and heal them permanently would be the best answer that God could give.

God did not intend that any of us would live in this world of suffering and death, forever. It has always been His plan to take us out of this fallen world and bring us into His presence where we can live the kind of life He has always wanted for us.

 Precious in the sight of the Lord Is the death of His loved ones.  ~Psalms 116:15

It is important to remember that God’s perspective on life is different from ours. He sees us from an eternal view while we are limited to our earthly view of life. We want our loved ones to stay with a as long as possible; He wants all of us to live together with Him forever.

The best way to deal with the loss of a loved one is to remember that the feelings we now have soon after death has occurred or a spouse has departed, are temporary. We have been happy in the past and we will be happy again. Time does not remove the pain of losing someone but it does allow us the ability to live with the loss and go one with our own life.

Having a knowledge that what has just happened is not haphazard or incidental but known to God before He made the universe. All of our hurts and sorrows were noted by God before we ever experienced them. He will come to us and comfort our heart in these times of loss if we will seek Him.

…God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. 4 He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.  ~2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (NLT)

Everything that happens to us has a purpose. One of the reasons that we are permitted to suffer loss is so that we can see life in its correct perspective. We are transient beings who only have a very limited time on earth. When we suffer we learn what it feels like to feel pain and loss. This enables is to relate to other people who are going through the same. As we seek God is our times of loss and He comforts us, we are able to go and comfort other who are also suffering loss.

It is by the help of other human beings that God has designed His love to be poured out in human existence. We learn about God and His love and then take what He has given us and give it to other people.

If we want to know how God feels about our suffering in death and loss, all we must do is examine the text of the New Testament where Jesus is in the midst of people who are suffering. When Lazarus had grown sick and died, Jesus wept over the loss of His life and what He saw in the lives of those who were hurt by his death.

This was the reason that Jesus came into the world; to end sickness and death and forever defeat them so that they cannot continue to destroy the lives of human beings. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus death on the cross has defeated death and removed its threat and fear that once plagued us. If we know Jesus and are trusting in Him for our salvation then we should never fear sickness and death. We will know that whatever happens to us in our life, ultimately God will take us home when these bodies fail.

I have been at death’s door on two occasions. I have been with a wife and father who were both at death and I watched them pass into eternity with Jesus as their Savior. It was a beautiful and peaceful experience. Although their suffering was for awhile, and the fear of death was seeking to overcome them, their knowledge of God’s love and promise of heaven brought them great peace at the final moments of their life.

I know that I will see them again very soon and that there will be many, many of my loved ones who will also be gathered to greet me when I arrive in heaven. What a glorious reunion it will be when that day arrives.


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