Why The God Of The Bible Is The Only Credible Source For The Universe

Although atheists consistently assert that the universe exists by a natural process, no one has ever proven by scientific evidence that this is actually true. You will hear many posits and conjectures for how other universes are responsible for ours, but not one of these ideas has been proven by scientific evidence. These ideas exist only an mathematical calculations that say other universes may exist, but they cannot prove they actually exist.

We cannot see beyond our present universe. We have no way of verifying that there are other universes. All that provable science can verify is that ours began suddenly when nothing existed prior to that moment. When we examine the processes that were necessary to cause our universe to expand so that first and second generations stars could be created, which are necessary for a planet like earth and human life, we find that all of these processes were impossible by accident or any natural process.

This essay presents you with the current scientific evidence that does exist, which confirms that every one of the 209 physical constants that make human life possible on earth, came by intelligence, not happenstance.

The Scientific Evidence That Proves The God Of The Bible Is The Source Of The Universe:

When we examine the above scientific processes that took place to make our universe possible, we realize that the Being who would be capable of such knowledge, must be singular. There are many gods and religions in the world. Only one has ever claimed to be the Creator of the universe. All other gods have claimed only to create from within the universe that already existed. The following are a few of the essay’s on this site that demonstrate that the God of the Bible is the only Being capable of creating a universe like ours.


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  1. Dear Mr. Robinson,

    If I am correct, scientists have adopted the so-called Big Bang theory in lieu of the Steady-State theory of the universe. Since enigmatic black holes exist, how can these “holes” be reconciled with the Big Bang theory? If anything, black holes support steady-state.

    Scientists are grabbing at straws, so to speak, and are wrapped up in their own sensationalism and speculation. So, it seems, unfortunately. Too many of these scientists, who have been here on earth a dot of time, proclaim to have the key to cosmic wisdom. I refer to the “God-Particle”. This sounds like a re-run of the Tower of Babel.

    In all of their pomposity and pseudo-intelligentsia, they still don’t know how a simple cognitive thought arises from the physicality of our existence. They claim to know the electromagnetic spectrum, yet deny spiritual energy. They refuse to acknowledge the quintessential cause of creation: God. And here they are telling us how big the universe is, how many stars there are, and when the cosmos will end. Apparently, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (Time Dilation) was a moot point.

    Secular man seeks to be God. Yet he is stumped by the Shroud of Turin. Suddenly his clever carbon-dating technology proves to be unreliable. How come? Will secular man admit fallibility or blame the bureaucrat?

    In short, as the secular world enamors itself with Self, i.e., self-importance, self-righteousness, self-promotion, self-gratification, it unwittingly inherits self-limitation as well. “Self” blinds us from the Truth.

    Man needs to be real and realize he is creating his own misery on earth by shutting out God. Albert Einstein said God does not play dice with the universe. I will add that God said He is not going to let us play with the dice either. It’s His Universe. And that spells tough luck for the egoists in this world.

    Steve Rodak

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