Systematic Theology

Robinson’s Systematic Theology

The following is the result of forty-three years of personal Bible study, teaching Genesis through Revelation as the Senior Pastor of two churches for fourteen years, teaching at Bible college in Europe, serving as a missionary to the Philippines for eight years and the writing and publication of twenty-five books. I am not a Theologian, nor is it my intent to write a Systematic Theology for the conventional usage of books in this classification. I wanted to write a simple, helpful work that would allow the average person to understand the broad planning and execution of God’s masterful work of creation, redemption, and eternality of existence He desires.

It is my understanding of the Bible that God intended that every person would be able to read its words and understand the basic premises that are described therein. For many the problem in understanding these principles is in dividing these texts out of the massive number of scriptures and placing them in a visible and understandable presentation.

For many years Theologians have made the subjects of God and the Bible much more difficult to understand that they need to be. It is my observation that some of the terms and methods for explaining these subjects are purposefully made more complex because it makes the person writing the work seem more intelligent or distinguished. For the average person simply trying to understand the Bible and God they just want a simple, easy to understand explanation. For this reason, I tried to address these subjects differently than others who write and publish books and articles on Systematic Theology.

These observations of the Bible’s Theological Precepts are my own and do not represent those of any church, seminary, or other religious institution. I base all that is presented here, strictly upon what is found in the Hebrew and Greek scriptures, and is available to any diligent and sincere seeker.

Part 1: God

His Existence

His Nature

His Character

His Unity

As Creator

His Physical Laws

His Spiritual Laws

His Sovereignty

His Communication

His Adversaries

Part 2: The Bible

Part 3: Mankind

Part 4: Christology, Christ/Messiah

Part 5: The Holy Spirit

Part 6: Soteriology, The Salvation Of Man

Part 7: Ecclesiology, Jesus’ Church

Part 8: Eschatology,  The Last Days


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