The Book Of Revelation Audio Commentary

The Book of Revelation Audio Commentary By Rob Robinson:

The Book of Revelation is, perhaps, one of the most interesting studies in the Bible. Many people have very little knowledge of Revelation because they have never gone through an in-depth, verse by verse study of the text.

For the past 44 years I have taught through the entire Bible in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The Book of Revelation has always been the most requested, most often asked about study in every country I have taught the Bible. This audio format for Revelation was recorded during the sixteenth occasion that I had taught the Book of Revelation in its entirety, sometime near the year 2000.

People seem to be very curious about the strange and difficult events that are described in these 22 chapters. If a person knows the meaning of the coded words in the text of Revelation, it becomes very easy to understand what is being said and how it is applicable to the last days and the return of Jesus to earth.

We find ourselves today in what I believe, is the most interesting period of history during the entire time that man has existed on the earth. This generation seems to be one that the events described in Revelation, Daniel, and the other prophets, were written for; the times in which the events of Revelation would be fulfilled.

In order to understand the entire Bible, it is necessary to understand the prophetic events described in the Book of Revelation. In the same way, it is necessary to have a good working knowledge of the Bible in order to understand the Book of Revelation. The reason this is true is that so much of the Bible is described in the text of Revelation. A good working knowledge of the Bible is paramount to knowing exactly what Revelation is describing.

It was for this reason that I recorded this study in Revelation for those who want to know and understand what the events described in its pages, are all about. Even if you don’t know the Bible well, by the time that you finish the 26 hours of this study in Revelation, you will have the knowledge necessary to understand all the events of the last days that will take place on earth and in heaven.

Study the Book of Revelation in an easy to understand audio commentary format. Every Thought and Idea that is communicated in the 22 chapters of Revelation is explained in detail and application is given for your own life.

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The Book of Revelation is the most important book for this precise time in history. The events that are described within its pages were written for us today. Every strange coded word and phrase is meant for this generation. The application of everything that is written in Revelation was penned for people who are alive today.

Unless a person has spent the past 30 years teaching the entire Bible, they are not qualified to write a commentary on the Book of Revelation. For this reason, a majority of the books today that claim to be a valid commentary were written by people who are not really qualified to write commentary for Revelation.

The reason is simple: In order to really understand Revelation and have the ability to write a valid and accurate commentary, a person must have studied the entire Bible before the Book of Revelation. The texts of Revelation assume that the reader has read, and has a good working knowledge of the whole Bible, before they read and study Revelation.

I waited to write my commentary of Revelation for 45 years. I have taught this important book more than 17 times in the previous 38 years in the United States, Europe, and Asia. I have published audio commentary on Revelation, beginning about 20 years ago. I did not think that I was ready or qualified to write the book you find here today, until I was confident that I knew and understood the rest of the Bible sufficiently in order to publish a reliable commentary for Revelation.

When the proper commentary is written for Revelation, the author must include hundreds of other texts from all over the Bible, in order to confirm and validate all the statements and conclusions that are included in his commentary. A majority of people who attempt to write a book about Revelation don’t have this ability, and they write commentary based upon their personal understanding and opinions.

When you read this commentary, you will quickly discover just how much of the whole Bible is included in the Book of Revelation. This is by design; and it was the purpose of Jesus, who is dictating the text of Revelation to John, to make sure that the reader receives a complete Bible study for the entire Bible when they read the texts of Revelation.

The second surprising fact of Revelation is just how much personal application there is in this book. You will find that there are more subjects and important questions answered by Revelation, than any other book in the Bible. Essentially every important doctrine and principle of the Bible can be found in a study of Revelation.

This is why this book is so large and detailed and contains so much information. It is my hope that you will be blessed by what I have written in this commentary, and you grow in your faith and relationship with Jesus as a result of this experience.

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