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  1. Hello Robert, came upon your site purely by chance. It will take me some time to rummage thru your 45 years of work. And even if we lived to 200 we would still be learning something new.
    I came across the Bible thru an old friend who was once a member of the WCG (the Herbie outfit)
    At that time in the mid 70’s the glory years of the church were peaking and the millions were rolling in and being wasted on Limo’s and private jets. Not quiet the humble lifestyle the Lord Jesus was speaking about to His disciples.
    Strange how the Lord works because until my exposure to this outfit I really had zero clues as to what God was all about. My mind was full of myths and fables of God and not about Who He truly is.
    But thru years of discussions with my disciple friend, the WCG believer, we soon realized that things were very wrong. My good friend was a 100% committed soldier of Herbert Armstrong and his message ,supporting the Org to the tune of 1000’s every year. (big money back then – a Falcon 500 brand new was $3000!!)
    Once Ernest Martin broke ranks and departed I knew something was seriously wrong.
    His departure ruptured the whole Org. The blind faithful were waking up. Herbert’s cries of impending Doom were exposed and 1000’s departed. But this history is not my point.
    My point is about Who God is and why He Created us all. All tones, all shapes and all Unique.
    What staggers me about God is the freedoms He has given us to explore life. We have all been given a free pass to discover life and then realize that His ways are the only way people can exist in harmony. Clearly the world is far from Paradise. But knowing God’s picture brings calm and hope in this current corrupt world.
    I don’t need to quote scriptures, we both know where they are and what they mean. I’m not going to discuss trivial things like Feast days and all the rigs of Ancient Israel because they don’t effect the modern Christian (post Jesus) The things I look for are what makes a Christian.
    God’s Ten Commandments are the corner stone there. These are the Words that will live into eternity. The Code of Ethics as it were. All that Levitical stuff is past. Jesus is our direct Priest.
    Only those who the Father has called at this time understands His message and only the Lord Jesus can bring us too Him. When I first read this scripture and grasped its majesty I was in tears.
    We have zero need to rock up to institutions, be bible bashed and entertain painful people.
    When Jesus said the Truth shall set you free, He was not kidding. God lives in all those He has called.
    One thing I’ve learned in the last 50 odd years is read, grasp and move on. Trying to argue a case on any subject matter is pointless. In the end, it’s God’s Creation and it’s His Will.
    My current grasp on life is no single body or person has the Exclusive on God, but between all of us we have the Exclusive if that makes sense. Just as Paul was made separate from the other apostles.
    Paul did not have to report to Peter, James or John. They were all equals in the Work.
    Today is no different. There are 1000’s of Christians alive this very day who have been called, those being called from this world of lies, traditions & fake beliefs.
    Times are going to get tough, this cov-19 plan-demic if yet further proof of the mad times ahead of us. But as we all know, stick to God’s Wisdom, God’s Teachings and blessing follow.
    There is no other and I’ve seen most of the other offerings – Herbie was the Classic Holy Roller!!
    Take care Robert
    a brother in Jesus, Ed


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