Robert Clifton Robinson

Robert_Clifton_RobinsonRobert Clifton Robinson (Rob) is a Christian author, philosopher, and apologist. Author of thirty-one books regarding the existence of God, the historicity of Jesus Christ, and the prophecies of the Messiah. The former senior pastor of two churches for over fourteen years and international Bible teacher in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Currently acting as the president and CEO of Teach the Word Ministries, Inc, working to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the Philippines.

Early Life

Born in Phoenix, Arizona. At the age of 7, while playing in the desert of Scottsdale, Arizona, Rob was bitten by a baby Diamondback Rattlesnake. Running home to his mother, severely increased the effectiveness of the snake venom and placed his life in great jeopardy. Doctors gave little chance of his survival and suggested that his parents should contact their pastor or priest for last rights. While unconscious, Rob experienced a physical presence in a blinding white light that comforted and informed him that he would not die. In miracle after miracle, Rob survived this horrific ordeal and began his search for the person who spoke to him while unconscious, during his near-death experience. After examining the claims of Jesus, the reliability of the Bible and the empirical evidence which supports evidence for the existence of God, at the age of 19, Rob went forward at Calvary Chapel Church in southern California to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, realizing that He was the person who had spoken to him and preserved his young life, 12 years before.

Convinced by Facts

 Ultimately, It was the person of Jesus Christ who convinced Rob that He was unlike any other person in the history of the world. Beginning with Jesus and continuing with an examination of the claims which Jesus made about Himself, Rob discovered that the Christian faith was supported by evidence, which empirically verified the historicity of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. With an intense interest in Cosmology, Rob studied the facts of science which describe the initial moments of the universe and discovered that scientists, to the present day, do not know or understand precisely how the universe came into existence from nothing. All the data suggests that the universe which resulted from the first 3 minutes of this singularity, should have produced a vastly different universe–unfit for human life. Why these complex events were specifically controlled to exact a specific outcome, which allowed human life to exist on earth–billions of years later, was compelling evidence to conclude that an intelligence had acted upon time, space, and matter to cause this magnificent creation which we observe.


Serving in various Calvary Chapel Churches for nearly 40 years, at the age of 35, Rob began his pastorate of two small churches in Northern Arizona. After 14 years, teaching verse by verse through the Bible, Rob embarked on a new ministry to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor of an isolated Island in the Philippines.. While on this isolated and beautiful island paradise, Rob began writing his first book: “The Prophecies of the Messiah,” a 3,000-page treatise on the prophecies of the Messiah which were fulfilled in the New Testament. A year later, Rob published his second book: “Yeshu,” validating the historical Jesus as an actual person of antiquity–documenting His death and resurrection as certain events of history. In late 2012, Rob published his third book: “A Universe From God,” detailing empirical evidence from the universe, which fully validates the existence of God as the source of the universe. In 2014, Rob completed his fourth book: “The Star of Christmas,” a journey through the prophecies of the Messiah–rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas. In 2015, Rob completed four new books: “The Suffering Servant,” “The Parables, Prophecies, and Prayers of Jesus,” Brutal Cross, Glorious Resurrection,” and “Only Perfect People Go To Heaven.” Rob is currently working on seven new books.


“It is my opinion that evidence for the existence of God is empirical and substantial. The barriers that prevent many people from believing that God exists are easily overcome by simply explaining the Christian Gospel, and carefully answering the questions of the skeptic–intelligently, and humbly. In addition, I believe that the historical evidence which is presently available, fully validates Jesus Christ as an actual person of antiquity, and the one to whom all the Hebrew prophets describe as the Messiah. These points are easily proven and can be understood by any reasonable person. The purpose and philosophy of all my work is to simplify and clarify who Jesus Christ is, and the purpose for which He came into the world.

“I believe that the entire Bible is the word of God, inerrant, and fully inspired by God. I believe that salvation is available to all people–only through faith in the death and resurrection of the Biblical and historical Jesus Christ. I believe that God is the source of the universe and that He has been actively involved in every micro-second of the universe, the earth, and the lives of every human being–since creation. I deny cosmic evolution as the source of the universe, and the evolution of the human species as the source of life. I believe in a personal God, who has uniquely revealed Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. I deny that any person can know God by intellect alone. It is by humility and diligent seeking of God, through His word, that He can be known. I believe that the Bible is a book of prophecy, and that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all the Hebrew prophecies of the Messiah. I believe that the New Testament is both accurate and reliable–by the testimony and evidence of history, archeology, and the New Testament scriptures, themselves.”


 The Prophecies of the Messiah (2012) ISBN: 978-0-9882690-0-2 U.S. Library of Congress
Yeshu: The Historicity of Jesus Christ (2013) ISBN: 978-0-9882690-4-0
Only Perfect People Go To Heaven (2015) ASIN: B00UTQO79A
Brutal Cross, Glorious Resurrection (2015) ASIN: B00V2UY850
The Parables, Prophecies, and Prayers of Jesus (2015) ASIN: B00UVLDN34
The Suffering Servant (2015) ASIN: B00VJ1Q0HQ
A Universe From God: Empirical Proof For God (2013) ISBN: 978-0-9882690-5-7
The Star of Christmas, Finding the True Meaning of Christmas (2013) ASIN: B00HEN9UPW
When the Lord Waits, His Plans and Purposes in All Things (2015) ASIN: B00YJXX4LQ

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