Guidelines For Debate

I am often asked to debate issues concerning the reliability of the New Testament, the existence and evidence for God, Messianic Prophecy, and a variety of other important subjects. I no longer participate in live debates, or conduct debate on social media, but I do continue to debate in written form, here at my website.

In my four decades of debating atheists and critics of the Bible I have found that live debates are predominantly for show, with very little substantive value. Debates on social media limit the number of characters, and make it impossible to conduct a productive debate.

I have found that written debates where participants can frame their arguments in a manner that is easier to answer and discuss, eliminates the chance comments will be misunderstood.

Regarding whether a written debate on my website will be fair and allow everyone interested in a discussion, the right to express their opinions or disagreements, without censorship, this is absolutely certain. I do not manipulate comments or edit the discussion in any way.

With these things being said, I do have a few rules of decorum that are required in order to debate or discuss any subject with me at my website:

  1. Because of the great number of comments that are made on my website every month, and many of these, by internet trolls and people filled with hate, every comment must be moderated before it will be approved. Most comments are approved within a few minutes; some comments made during the night (Mountain time), will be approved the following morning.
  2. Comments made for the purpose of scoffing, mocking, belittling, are rude or disrespectful in their presentation, will not be approved.
  3. Comments made simply as a statement, will not be answered.
  4. Distribution by links in your comments are not permitted. If you place a link in your comment, it will be deleted.
  5. The correct form of debate should begin with a question, as the ancient Hebrew scholars would ask in their debates. When I see a comment presented in this manner, I know that I am about to enter a debate with a person of intelligence, who has the capacity to debate important matters.
  6.  I respect the opinions of people who are civil, kind, and considerate in their questions. I have no tolerance for angry, hateful persons who simply want to dump their garbage on my website.
  7. The way that you can begin a debate with me regarding any essay you find at my website, is to follow the essay to the end, and locate the place where a comment or argument can be written. If you enter you real name and email address, you will have my respect. If you leave your real name and email, I will not harass you or send you any solicitation or bother you at any time.


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