Christian Heresies

Does It Matter Who Jesus Is?

When we consider what Jesus really means to the world we begin to understand why He is seen as such a threat. If Jesus is God who came to earth as a man and successful died for the sins of the world, then the entire course of human history is changed.

If Jesus exists as God, then man is accountable for his actions. We may not live anyway that we choose. This is God’s universe and we all live on the earth that He created. Therefore, we must obey his moral laws, just as we must obey His physical laws if we will continue to live.

The following list contains many of the more prevalent heresies that exist in the world today. What you will notice as consistent through all heresy is the attempt to diminish Jesus from who He is portrayed as in the Bible. This may sound innocent enough but when we consider that changing Jesus from God in the flesh to a good and gentle teacher of truth, removes the possibility that He is the Savior of the world.

If Jesus is not God who came to earth in the flesh of a man and successfully died for the sins of the world, we are all still in our sins and have no hope of eternal life.



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