The Rapture Of The Church Audio Study

MP3 Audio Commentary By Rob Robinson Focused On The Rapture Of The Church And The Events That Will Take Place Immediately Before And After This Event

The event known as the Rapture of the Church is one of the most misunderstood, and rarest taught doctrines of the modern Christian church. Although Jesus described His return to earth on twenty-one occasions in the New Testament, and Paul taught extensively about this event, many today feel that this doctrine is unimportant or non-existent in the Bible.

This detailed audio commentary by Robert Clifton Robinson, explains all of the important and fundamental principles of the Rapture and whether or not it is taught in the Bible. Beginning with the actual texts of the New Testament and digging into the original language that the texts were first written, we discover important facts regarding the removal of Jesus’ church from earth.

Will this event occur before, during, or after the Tribulation Period? When will Jesus come for His church, and who will be taken when this event takes place? Based entirely on the text of the Bible, Rob explores all the important and relevant scriptures of the Bible, both Old Testament and New, to give a clear and present understanding for this mysterious event and what it will mean to the people of earth.

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