God: His Physical Laws, A Necessity

The necessity of God to explain the existence of physical laws that are present in the universe is due to the lack of evidence that they occur by a natural process. Whatever evolution might be and whether or not it contributes to the information that helps us understand the universe is yet to be seen. What is clear is the certainty that evolution cannot produce intelligible results. Laws, information, instructions, and mathematics exist because of intelligence.

The basis of the argument for God as the source of the universe is in the evidence which proves that every part of the universe exists because of intelligence. When we seek to understand the process whereby the universe came into existence and expanded to its present form, every juncture was highlighted by a moment of control.

Whether it is the extremely low state of entropy that existed at the conception of the universe or the process of inflation that resulted after an initial expansion stopped suddenly and then restarted, these processes were present because of control. There is no natural process which could have allowed the fine balance between gravity and electromagnetism to find the precise setting necessary for the future production of both small and large stars later on. How, exactly, could an evolutionary process know that the universe would need certain types of stars in the future that would produce second generation stars, that would produce carbon, that would produce humans?

Of course, the answer is, it could not

When we think of the precise tilt of earth’s axis that is set at 23.5 degrees and how incredible that this precise setting is what was necessary to ensure that human beings could survive on earth much later.

When we see our moon that is larger than the moons that are present on other planets our size, but perfect to ensure the precise tides and rotation of earth so that human beings could live here.

As we see the monster planet Jupiter with a gravitational attraction that is so strong, and a precise placement in our solar system that keeps earth from being struck by a planet killing object, allowing humans to live on earth.

The precise occurrence of volcanic activity, tectonic movement, hydrologic cycle, oxygen level, and temperatures that all permit human life on earth, we know that these many anthropic constants did not occur by accident.

These physical laws that God left mankind, allow us to know something of who He is. They exist as proof that we must be extremely important to Him and that He must certainly love the people on this planet.

At the present time, we have not found any other planets in the universe that are even close to earth and able to support life. It very well may be that we never find another planets like ours. Scientists like to say that if God only made one planet in this immense universe where life could be supported, it would certainly be a tremendous waste of space. In fact, God may have created the vast cosmos we see just so we would understand who He is. As a magnificent artist places the paint precisely on the canvas where he wants it to be, just so the viewer can see what he is capable of; perhaps the Creator had the same idea when He made earth.

The laws which govern the universe came from the Law Giver. He who gave Moses the ten commandments on Mount Sinai, gave the world the ability to understand the physical laws by mathematics. He wanted for us to know Him and He sent us a clear message so that this would be possible.


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