God: His Spiritual Laws, A Necessity

God gave us laws because He loves us. It was not so that our lives might be hindered or prohibited, but so that they would be enjoyed to their fullest, that He gave us rules to live by.

As the universe is governed by the physical laws and understood by mathematics, the world we live in and all human life, is best understood by the laws that God gave mankind.

When Israel was first in their new land the Lord began to explain the importance of doing what He commanded. They were coming to a place that was inhabited by many enemies who would seek to kill them and take away all they held dear. These enemies were a people without laws, given completely to hedonism and revelry. They died at a very young age and had no respect for life, limb, or property. They worshipped cast iron god’s that were heated white-hot, while their women laid their new born babies upon their searing arms in worship.

God promised that if they would love Him and live lives dedicated to Him that He would bless every part of their lives. As they began to know God and love Him more, they found that doing what He commanded was no burden, it was a joy.

Prosperity began and soon these people of God were wealthy and had everything their hearts desire. This caused these people who once loved God to forget Him and focus on themselves and gaining more and more. The land that was supposed to rest one year in seven, was now plowed and harvested non-stop for the sake of financial gain.

After 490 years of this, the people were now so close to the enemies who lived around them that they were barely distinguishable. God’s people began to imitate the behavior and worship of their enemies. They completely forgot God and disregarded His laws. They became weak, sick, and many died.

All this happened because they would not remember the God who brought them into their land and gave them every blessing of life.

The United States began under similar circumstances. A desire to rid themselves of tyranny and worship God free of government intervention. America began as a people who were sincerely interested in living their lives according to the laws of God. Their leaders framed a Declaration of Independence and Constitution for how their government should be conducted.

The people of America prospered and grew wealthy. This continued until they also forgot about God and began to buy and sell people like animals. War broke out and half a million Americans lost their lives. One good man brought the nation back together and reminded the people that God created all men equal and that we should not forget God’s laws if we expected to survive as a nation and people.

Many years have passed now and once gain our nation finds itself in perilous times. Many young people grew up without a knowledge of God and His law. Some have tried to rid the nation of all mention of God and the Bible. Since this began nearly fifty years ago, the nation has continued on a downward spiral and today, is near destruction.

How important is the word of God? How relevant is God’s law in the lives of people today? It is an absolute necessity and if we do not return our nation to God and His world, we will perish.


God: His Sovereignty