Living A Purposeful Life

Every person wants to know that their life has meaning. Trying to find the reason we are here is one of life’s most important pursuits. When we discover that we were made by God for a specific purpose and our life is important to Him, everything changes.

It is important to remember that God is very patient with us. He does not become disappointed when we fail and fall. Before we were born He knew everything about us. All our weaknesses, faults, failures, and successes. He knows what scares us; makes us feel vulnerable, and how much we need to be encouraged every day.

Very early we learn that despite our need and desire to try and control our life, we cannot control everything. People will do things to us that are beyond our ability to prevent.

Often fear can paralyze and prevent us from being able to achieve our full potential. We begin to focus on things that are non-essential, and ignore things that really matter most. God has an incredible plan for every person. It often includes pain, suffering, and loss. We will get sick, lose people we love. Treasured friends sometimes abandon and betray. Loved ones die and children get sick and break our hearts watching them suffer.

Understanding that God had a good purpose in all things and He will used the most difficult and painful things we go through in life to train us, prepare us, and shape us into the very best we can be.

This series is about encouraging, instructing, and inspiring you to look to the One who made you for everything. To remember that our lives do have purpose and by seeking God with all of our heart, He will fulfill us and give us a life of incredible meaning.

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