Origin Of The Universe

“I’m really having a hard time in my Physics class.”

“What’s up?”

“Well, the technical explanations for how the universe came into being are making my head hurt.”

“Yeah, I know. I have been studying how God created a specific chain of events at the inception of the universe to make life possible much later.”

“My professor doesn’t believe that. He said that our universe came into being as the result of other universe’s that existed before ours.”

“Your talking about the multiverse?”

“Yeah, multiverse, bulk universe, and Hawking’s, no boundary theory.”

“Did your professor tell you that these ideas are only theoretical? There hasn’t been a major success in theoretical physics in the past 40 years since the standard model. They are just ideas, not proven science.”

“No, he didn’t tell us that. The way the professor described these other universes it sounded as though it was a settled matter.”

“The problem with these theoretical ideas of other universes is that they don’t meet the test for empirical evidence. Beyond the math there is no way to actually observe or test if there actually are other universes because we can’t see beyond our own universe.”

Interesting. I am getting the feeling that some sort of agenda is being pushed here. I asked the professor about the possibility of intelligence playing a role in the origin of the universe.

“What did he say.”

“He laughed, along with most of the students in the room.”

“Ask your professor why everything that exists in the universe is determined by the fundamental forces of nature. The strength of these forces are characterized by numbers called fundamental constants. These constants are so sensitive that if they are changed by just a fraction the universe as we see it would cease to exist.”

“I haven’t heard that. What constants are you talking about?”

“If the rate of expansion immediately after the Big Bang was altered by one part in a quintillion, the universe would have continued to expand.  Either no life would have been possible or the universe would have collapsed back onto itself and destroyed all that exists.

A quintillion is a 1 with 18 zero’s after it. This is equal to all of the grains of sand that exist on the earth today.

This means that if the expansion of the universe equalled all the grains of sand on the earth, it would only take 1 grain of sand to change the fine balance that existed when the universe began. This is how carefully the initial expansion was controlled and engineered to make the proper expansion necessary for life to exist on earth nearly 14 billion years later.”

“So, why don’t they teach principles like that in my physics and cosmology classes? All we hear are the naturalistic explanations, but nothing about intelligence.”

“Your not going to hear it. Heres the thing. There are hundreds of these fundamental constants that exist in the universe and on earth. They began within less than a second after our universe commenced and continue today.

The only way that this is possible is if it was planned, ordered, and engineered this way. There is no naturalistic explanation for how such a great number of constants could exist all at once by an evolutionary process.”

“Are you saying that this is scientific evidence that God is responsible for the universe?”

“Well, the term, “God,” is not likely to be accepted by most physicists or cosmologists today. I prefer to say, “Intelligence Being,” as in, the ultimate extraterrestrial.”

“Is this because the religious part of this discussion is so abhorrent to scientists?”

“Exactly. Scientists are open to a civilization that exists in the universe that is billions of years more advanced than ours here on earth. They are not open to a Being who has no beginning and is unlimited in power and intelligence.”

“What’s the difference? They are both good explanations for how intelligence could be responsible for our universe.”

“Man, we are talking about a lot of money here. Consider what would happen if a professor starts teaching creation in his class. Can you imagine the trouble he is going to get into? He would lose everything; money, position, security, all of it!”

“I really need to confront my professor on these issues. If this is true then the whole class needs to know about it?”

“Good luck. If your going to try stay focussed on the scientific data that is already known and accepted today”

“Like what?”

“During the initial explosion of the universe, if matter had spread out evenly in all directions, the grouping of matter into clumps would not have taken place.

Without this clumping of matter, no stars and galaxies could have formed later. It was necessary for these irregularities of matter to take place as it was distributed across the universe or none of us would be here today.

Had these clumps of matter been only slightly larger or a little smaller, no stars and galaxies would have formed, and there would have been no life on earth today.

Even with these impossible events, life would still not have formed without extremely complex processes that takes place inside stars. The conversion of helium and hydrogen into heavier elements like carbon, which is necessary for life, can only take place in a second generation star.

After a star burns out it leaves behind the necessary elements to form a new star that includes carbon. This entire process, if altered even slightly, would prevent the nuclear fusion required to make life a reality today. The controls necessary to achieve these results is unfathomable.”

“Doesn’t my professor already know all this?”

I’m sure he does, but unless you bring it up in debate during class you will never have a chance to let the other students know these things.

All scientists seems to agree that the universe is a work of incredible genius, not simply beautiful, mathematical, and elegant—but truly extraordinary. For many scientists, this “fine tuning” of the constants that make life possible are unmistakeable evidence of a Creator who possesses the power and intelligence to make it all possible.”

“So this is why the professor pushes so hard on the multiverse theory?”


We might imagine that scientists would agree with the premise that God is necessary for the fine tuning we observe. In reality, Physicists see the presence of these constants as evidence that some mechanism was in place to make this possible. Fine tuning does not prove God in their minds, but something as yet unknown.

An idea that theoretical physicists have used to explain the fine tuning of the universe is the theory of the multiverse. In Hyperspace, this theory imagines an unlimited number of other universes other than our own. In an unlimited number of universes, it would be reasonable and even expected that some would have gravity, carbon and the other constants necessary for life. This would mean that God is not necessary. If we accept this theory, a universe which is perfect tuned for life is simply the result of chance and the law of statistics.

The theory of the multiverse is the often referenced method that a great number of scientists use to explain why fine tuning is present in our universe. Since our universe has the capacity to make as many as 300 sextillion stars, it is certainly also possible to make many other universes.”

“Yeah but the process of making stars is something we can actually observe. The creation of other universes cannot be seen. How do they tie these two together?”

“Here’s the thing. The idea of an infinite number of other universes is actually just as likely as the idea that there is an infinite Creator, yet this theory is rarely asserted by the majority of scientists who study the origin of the universe.”

“So you’re saying that its not so much about the scientific evidence that demands the universe came into existence on its own, as it is the fear that scientists have that should the multiverse fall into disuse, there would be no other explanation for why the universe displays characteristics of fine tuning for life?”

“That is exactly what I’m saying.”

“But the other universes theory is not provable, so how do they get away with teaching us this at university without the possibility of creation as an alternative theory.”

That, my friend, is never going to happen. To accept God as the source of the universe has never been about evidence, it is about money, politics, and power.

Of old You laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of Your hands. They will perish, but You will endure; yes, they will all grow old like a garment; like a cloak You will change them, and they will be changed. But You are the same, and Your years will have no end.  ~Psalms 102:25-27

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