The 23rd Psalm Audio Commentary

Many people have found refuge in the comforting and instructive words of the 23rd Psalm. David wrote this text during a period when he was a shepherd high in the mountains of Israel. Often alone and with many occasions of solitude, David contemplated the majesty of God while considering his own limits and inadequacies.

David considered that all the days of his life, he was being led by a good and faithful Shepherd who knew everything about him. Before David uttered a single word, the Lord was altogether familiar with every thought this young shepherd would form.

This knowledge gave great comfort to David as he considered the path he was on, directed by this magnificent Shepherd he wrote about in this Psalm. At the end of his life, David had confidence that looking back at his journey, the Shepherd who first called him and led him all these many years, would also place him at a table in heaven where a great feast of God’s grace and mercy would cover him because of his limitless love.

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