The Church Of The Last Days

Peter described a church in the last days that would experience tremendous trials and difficulties. In the face of these trials it would be necessary for those who love Jesus, to make firm commitments to Him as the Lord of their lives.

In order to do this it would be necessary to be watchful in the days before Jesus returned so that they would not be deceived by incorrect teaching and false doctrine. Peter describes many who will fall away from Jesus and a great number of these will turn and mock Jesus and His word. In order to defend against these attacks and remain strong and faithful to Jesus, believers would have to commit themselves to constant prayer and diligent study of the scriptures.

As the time of Jesus’ return nears, many will be offended and fall away. Mockers will ask “where is the promise of His coming,” stating that Jesus will not come again, it has been too long. Forgetting that in ages past, God has always visited earth with judgment and those who ignored God, would not turn from their sins, perished.

This series is intended for those who want to remain strong in Christ and be able to endure the difficult days before Jesus returns.



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