The Purpose Of Suffering And Trials

The Book of Job is perhaps one of the most practical texts in the Bible. Although Job was a truly righteous man, he was accused of serving God only for the benefits given to him. Unknown to Job, satan had brought an accusation before God that if tested, Job would reveal his true motives. Satan asked God for permission to test Job’s love for God and devotion to His goodness.

To make matters worse, the friends of Job provided no encouragement during the most painful and difficult days of Job’s life. Believing that Job was hiding a secret sin that was the cause of all his suffering and loss, these miserable comforters only added to Job’s tribulation and pain.

At the end of his trial, Job discovered that it was because he was a faithful servant of God that he was permitted to suffer and be tested in his confession of faith. Job learned that he was not at fault and all his friends who accused him, were wrong. God restored Job and gave him double the blessings he had before the trial began.

In this study of Job we see the sovereignty of God and His infinite love and wisdom at work in the lives of all those who trust in Him.

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