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Why Didn’t Jesus Clearly Say He is God?

When many people read the New Testament Synoptic Gospels, they often state that they do not find Jesus clearly stating that He is God. In order for Jesus to prove His identity to the leaders of Israel, He would have to do it in a way that would be meaningful to these men. It is by meeting the strict requirements of the Messianic Prophecies written in the Old Testament, that Jesus could demonstrate He is the One all the prophets wrote about: Yahweh living in the body of a man.

The Reliable Testimony of the New Testament

How can we know for certain that the Bible is a reliable and trustworthy transmission of genuine historical events? You might be surprised to learn that there are 203 eyewitness statements about Jesus in the 260 chapters of the New Testament.

Beginning with the idea that God does not exist and miracles are not possible, liberal atheist theologians developed the assertion that Jesus was not God, nor was He capable of miracles.

The Resurrection Of Jesus And His Hostile Witnesses

There are certain artifacts of secular history that are left to us which demonstrate that Jesus was in Jerusalem during the time that the New Testament places Him there. One of the most stunning proofs for Jesus’ resurrection, comes from witnesses who write about Jesus and confirm Him as crucified and risen from the dead, though these hostile witnesses never intended to prove or preserve a record of these events.

Are The Four Gospels Reliable?

If you listen to critics of the New Testament Gospels, you might believe by their comments that the text is unreliable. Adversaries state that these narratives were written anonymously, late in the first century or early in the second century, and the text has been highly altered from its original writing.

When we examine these claims we find that the authors of these four Gospels were known by the early church from the beginning, they were written not long after the events took place, and none of the fundamental doctrines of Jesus’ miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection have ever been changed.

Why Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven

The idea the Jesus is the only way to heaven is offensive to some, a mystery to others. With all of the religions and gods in the world, why is it that Christians claim that Jesus is the singular way that God will accept a person?

The Universe As Evidence For God

The universe exists by physical laws which allow us to understand how it exists. These laws do not, at their basic premise, tell us why it exists. Many people have the idea that science understands why the universe came into being in the first place; they do not.

There are several naturalistic explanations which the average person cannot understand, but sound quite intellectual. When we take time to try and understand what scientists are saying about the origin of the universe, we discover shocking realities.

The Prophecy Of Jesus’ Beard Ripped Out

Was Jesus beard torn from His face as Isaiah stated in His Prophecy? What were the events which took place during the time that Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prediction?

The Trinity: Answering The Hard Questions

The Hebrew scriptures describe One God. The New Testament reveals the Father, Son, And Holy Spirit as God. How can we reconcile these two views and understand who God really is?

What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

The presence of evil, suffering, and death in the world makes it difficult to understand how a God of love could permit such things. Where do each one of us fit into God’s plan and what is the purpose of our lives?

The Differences Between Jesus And Religion

There are important distinctions between what Jesus required for salvation and all of the other religions of the world.

Born Once, Die Twice; Born Twice, Die Once

The events which take place after our death and how God determines our final destination.

The Most Important Prophecy In The Bible

Daniel Chapter 9 and the arrival of Messiah on one specific day. How Jesus is validated as the true Messiah.

Same-Sex Relationships And God

Understanding our lives from God’s perspective and how He feels about the choices we make.

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