Only Perfect People Go to Heaven

The new book by Robert Clifton Robinson, “Only Perfect People Go to Heaven,” $4.77 at Amazon Kindle eBooks

What God requires for heaven, may come as a surprise to many people. According to the Bible, no person who has ever sinned can enter heaven. Only those who are perfect and without sin may dwell in the presence of God. How God accomplished this impossible task is perhaps the greatest work of grace ever displayed in the creation of the universe.

Only Perfect People Kindle When Jesus appeared in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, He made a stunning statement: Mark 2:17 …Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance. Jesus did not die to save “good people.” He died to save sinners. If a person sincerely believes that he is basically a good person and that Jesus could greatly improve his goodness, they have missed the point of Jesus death. If it were possible for God to somehow make good people better by teaching them the practice of righteousness, then it would not have been necessary for Jesus to die. The fact that God required the death of His Son by the most horrific means possible, is evidence that He views our sins as fatal—with no hope of removal by our own personal efforts. Jesus was made sin for us, despite the fact that He had never personally committed any sin Himself. Imagine the Holy and impeccable character of God, being polluted by all the filthy and vile acts of every human being.

Some people do not consider themselves a sinner Are there some of us who are “good people” and worthy of eternal life? According to the human definition of good, there are many fine people who live amongst us. They make great sacrifices of their lives to help mankind. They are kind, considerate, thoughtful, and generous. Certainly these good people are worthy of heaven when they die. What is at issue in regards to the term “goodness,” is what God considers good. According to the one who created us, the presence of even one sin means that a person is imperfect; therefore, this person is not capable of true goodness and unable to dwell in heaven. This book details the requirements for heaven, from God’s perspective.

There are many churches and religious leaders who adamantly declare that a person must adhere to their church’s doctrine or theological requirements. In reality the religions of man are nothing more than a hindrance to a personal relationship with God. What the Lord requires of us–is us. He wants to be a part of our lives and He desires that He might be able to come into our heart and help us with the struggles of this life. God’s love for every person is so immense that He was willing to take extraordinary steps to ensure that we could know Him and experience His love. The first step to this new relationship resides with us. We take a step forward and declare that we want to know God, He in turn, reveals Himself to us. We admit that we are not perfect and never will be and with genuine humility–ask the Lord to forgive our failures. If we are serious and if we are sincere, God will hear us and grant us complete forgiveness and eternal life. The process of salvation, which made heaven possible for all of us, is fully explained in the 650 pages of this book.

Only Perfect People Go to Heaven#1

Understanding what God requires, and why He has accomplished a salvation that simply works, is easy to understand–once we set ourselves upon learning. This plan to bestow the incredible beauty and perfection of heaven–to every person, began in the mind of God, before the universe existed. Long before the first man walked on the earth, God knew you and He loved you, and He determined that He would do everything possible to allow you to know Him and live in Heaven with Him, forever. Take the first step, and discover the immensity of God’s love for you. There is a reason that you are here, and God wants you to know and understand His plan for your life. “Only Perfect People Go to Heaven,” the new book by Robert Clifton Robinson, now at Amazon

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