Daily Devotional: September 17

Your Face:

As the sun breaks through the dark and enters a new day, so also is the entrance of My word. If you rise early while it’s still quiet, and look upon what I have written for you, the day will be filled with light. If you long to know Me, I will come and make My ways known to you. In every detail, you will feel My presence and perceive My handiwork. I will go before you and prepare the way. I will come alongside you to assist in each struggle. Before you are aware, I will come behind and be your guard. Goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.

If you are willing and have a heart for knowledge, I will teach you and make your way straight. There are many things I have stored up and I long to give you; at the right time and the correct place, every treasure I have created for you I will bring.

Do you grieve for the lost, the broken, the unaware? How many pass near you each day, who do not know who I am or what I can do? I have hands; they are yours. The mouth I created for you speak for Me. Show people My love and patiently bear with them as you seek to make My ways known.


Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them. The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. I opened my mouth and panted, for I longed for Your commandments. Look upon me and be merciful to me, as Your custom is toward those who love Your name. Direct my steps by Your word, and let no iniquity have dominion over me. Redeem me from the oppression of man, that I may keep Your precepts. Make Your face shine upon Your servant, and teach me Your statutes. Rivers of water run down from my eyes, because men do not keep Your law.  ~Psalms 119:129-136

Lord, it is Your face that I long to see. Early in the morning, I rise to meet You in Your word. I long to know You more than any other before me, so I might tell people how marvelous You are.

Your commandments are not difficult, but give life and liberty to all who keep them. Teach me the wisdom of seeing Your word and doing what You said. Make me a doer of the word and not a hearer only.

Place me into the lives of people whom I can love and care for, by showing them who You are and how marvelous Your gentle care is.

I live for You, Jesus, to make You known and to love You with all of my heart. I can never give back or express all the good things that You have lavished upon my life. Give me many days so I can try.

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