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King Cyrus And President Trump: How God Prepared A Pagan King To Be His Anointed Servant
Trump Cancels Iran Agreement: The Entire History Of The World Depends On Biblical Prophecy
How Faith And Evidence Work Together
May 14, 2018, The 70th Year Of Israel’s Return: A Date Of Extreme Prophetic Significance
Salt And Light: It Matters What You Say And How You Live
The True Facts Of The Rapture And David Meade
The Hidden Mysteries Of The Messianic Scriptures And The Parables Of Jesus
Why Jesus Was Crucified: The Meaning Of Good Friday And Easter
Proving The Existence Of God In 2 Minutes
John Legend And The New Production Of Jesus Christ Superstar Is Designed To Mock Jesus
Are You Willing To Compromise Your Walk With Jesus, Simply Because The World Demands It?
The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Is An Anvil That Has Worn Out The Hammer Of Many An Atheist
List Of Christian Martyr’s 60 A.D.
The Science Of Cosmology And The Bible
Support Our Ministry
Palm Sunday: Arrival Of The Messiah
Transgender Studies And The Origin Of Sexual Identity
The God Atheists Worship
Slow Motion Video Of Florida Bridge Collapse Reveals Location Of Break, Worker Falling
It Is Inevitable That Science Will Acknowledge God As The Source Of The Universe
The Chosen: Not Everyone Can Be Saved
How And Why God Forgives Sin: A Process Founded By Love And Justice
Stephen Hawking, Dead At 76, He Spent His Life Denying God
10 Questions Every Atheist Must Answer
If God Exists
The Constitutional Free Exercise Of Religion And Sexual Preference
The World Does Not Take The Return Of Jesus Seriously
In The End, It’s All About Grace
Why Christians Have Conservative Moral Values
An Inscription From 300 A.D., Proves Early Christian’s Believed Jesus Was God
Culture Of Death, God Of Life
The New Trump Temple Coin Minted For The U.S. President
“I Came To Send Fire On The Earth, And How I Wish It Were Already Kindled”
Understanding A Non-Finite, Non-Contingent, Non-Material, Eternal, Spirit-Being
The Purpose Of The Second Amendment
Pagan Gods Permeate Marvel’s Black Panther Movie
The Passing Of Billy Graham And Similarities With Methuselah And God’s Judgement
The Answer To Gun Violence
Does Jesus Speak To People?
How Do We Know That Jesus Is God?
When A New Testament Scholar Is Not
The Four Gospels Were Not Written Anonymously
Why It ‘s Important To You That Jesus Is God
Why Jesus Is God, And Others Are Not
Why It Is Illogical To Debate The Assertion Of Atheism: “There Is No Evidence For God”
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The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saints, The Mormon’s
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Christian Cults
The Lost Letters Of Christ Are Lies
Judgment Of The Unsaved
Contact The Author
The Pesher: Peter’s Method Of Interpretation
Hermeneutics And Exegesis
The Origin Of Biblical Interpretation
Galapagos Finches Did Not Become A New Species
A Son For Christmas
God: His Existence, A Necessity
Holy Spirit: Instrument Of Salvation
The Holy Spirit: Paraclete
The Holy Spirit: God
Could Any Person Of Age Stand Up To a 40 Year Examination Of Their Life?
Why Abortion Is Wrong
Jesus Authenticates The New Testament As Scripture
Imposibilites And Coincidences
Religious Freedom Is The First Freedom
The Death and Resurrection of the Messiah Predicted by the Old Testament
Why We Need A Savior
Prayer: How, Why, and When We Should Pray
It’s The Little Things That Add Up To A Big Life
Palm Sunday: The Arrival of the Messiah
Born Once; Die Twice. Born Twice; Die Once
Baptism For The Dead
The Big Bang and God
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Transgender Rights and the Constitution
Los Angeles Times Does Not Permit Comments by Christians
A.R.N.I.E: A Science Fiction Adventure
The Real Issues of Gender Identity
Breaking Israel News Website: Readers Beware
Take A Look Inside “One Gospel,” Beautifully Formatted In Vellum
Our Capacity For Love, Is Determined By How Well We Know Our Self
Christians Today Are No Longer In Expectation Of Jesus’ Return
Honest Men: A Historic, Reasoned Defense For The Life, Death, And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
When the Lord is Your Shepherd
The Greatest Teacher
One Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Combined As One Incredible Story
Missing the Greater by Focussing on the Lesser
Stunning Video of Evolution in Action: Disingenuous and Untruthful
The Importance of Forgiveness and Resolving Conflict in Jesus Church
There is No Salvation, Without Repentance
The Book of Revelation: Bible Commentary MP3 Download
Messianic Prophecy Bible: The Complete Old And New Testament Scriptures, With 400 Messianic Prophecies And Commentary
Honest Men: The Writers of the Bible Told The Truth
Sodom and Gomorrah: The Gay Marriage and Same-Sex Controversy
Change Your Life
Why Many People Find No Evidence For The Existence Of God
Would God Really Come To Earth; Humble And Poor?
The Secular Record of History, Proves That Jesus Rose From The Dead
When America Abandons God: The Signs And The Consequences
Do Good People Go To Heaven?
The Singularity of God: His Existence and Being
Salvation Without Cost
Sodom and Gomorrah: The Gay Marriage and Same Sex Controversy
The New Book: “Honest Men, The Writers of the Bible Told the Truth,” Now Available at Amazon
One God, One Way
How Greatly You Are Loved
Reconciling Our Suffering With God’s Love
Jesus: He is the Most Interesting Man in the World
The Prophecy of Tyre
If Jesus was not Born of a Virgin, He Could not be our Savior
“Not One of His Bones Shall Be Broken”
The Serpent on a Pole and Jesus Lifted Up
Does God Choose Some To Be Saved And Others To Be Lost?
Comparing Christianity to Islam: Gospel of Peace vs. Mandate of Terror
The Quran and Violence: The Reason For Terrorism
I.S.I.S Comes to Steal, Kill, and Destroy: The Reason and Source of Terrorism
The Selectively Offended
Winning The War On Christmas
Your Name Is Written In Heaven
It Matters, What We Say and Do
Does It Please The Lord?
The Key to Overcoming Anger and Bitterness: Random Acts of Kindness
The Key to Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, Suffering, and Despair: Remember
If Your God Needs You To Defend Him, He Is Not God
Why I Do Not Post Comments on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, or MSNBC News Sites
The Seven Year Tribulation Begins With Peace
Tensions Over the Temple Mount in Israel May Lead to the Building of the Third Temple
The Land of Palestine: Who Does it Really Belong To?
Jesus Said He Would Come Again: Signs of His Return
Who Created God?
God Is Necessary For The Universe To Exist
The Final Blood Moon of September 28, 2015, Arrives; Now What?
A Lack of Respect for the Word of God: A Sign of Jesus Return
Dead or Alive: The Final Events of Earth
People Who Display the Greatest Resistance to God, Are Often the Closest to Salvation
The Seven Year Peace Plan And Rebuilding The Third Temple In Israel
Phil Richardson and September 2021 Errors
Who Is Like The Beast?
The Sound of a Trumpet, Heard All Over the World
Why The Rapture Is Called: “No Man Knows The Day or the Hour”
A Discussion With a Dear Jewish Friend, Regarding Messiah
Your Ability to See, Depends Upon Your Diet
Does The Bible Teach a Rapture Before the Tribulation?
The Relationship Between the Blood Moon of September 2015 and Jesus Return
Strategic September: Israel, Iran and The Coming Tribulation
Forgetting the Rapture
Washington Post Censures Comments By Christians
The Danger of Believing the Worst
According To The Biblical Timeline; A Catastrophic Comet Will Not Strike The Earth In September, 2015
A Murderer Can Go To Heaven, While His Victim Goes To Hell
Irrefutable Evidence For The Existence Of God
The Bible As The Basis For All Human Laws
The Bible Has Told The Truth Regarding The Nature Of Man
Zechariah And Jesus Predict The Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
The Gay Marriage Argument Based Upon Disputed Bible Verses
Love Wins
The Atheist’s Inability To Comprehend God
When The Lord Waits: His Plans And Purposes In Everything
Pretending That God Does Not Exist In Order To Live Any Way You Choose
Gay/LGBT Issues
America’s Spiritual Heritage
The United States Constitution And Gay Rights
The Bible And Slavery
The Words of 52 Christian Men Who Founded the United States of America
America’s Spiritual Heritage
The Founding Fathers on Creation
The Founding of America as a Christian Nation
America’s Spiritual Heritage and the Influence of the Bible on America
Blackstone’s Commentary on the Law
Signs In The Heavens; During Jesus Crucifixion
Gay Marriage is the Law of the Land; So Also is the Right of Free Speech
When America Abandons God: The Signs And The Consequences
Something of Profound Importance is About to Happen…
What Did Jesus Do That He Deserved To Die?
Refuting “The Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Believe in God,” by Greta Christina
Why Christianity Is Different From All Religions
Are The Levitical Laws of Death For Adultery, Sodomy, And Fornication, Applicable Today?
How Could the Families of Those Killed in South Carolina Forgive Dylann Roof?
Yeshu: The Historical Jesus
Are Christians Who Judge Others, Hypocrites?
Be Thankful, Your Life Could Be a Lot Worse
If We Are Ashamed Of Jesus Now, He Will Be Ashamed of Us When He Returns
Is The Gospel of Jesus Christ a Hoax?
When The Lord Waits: His Plans And Purposes In Everything
The First Prophecy of the Bible
Criticism of Messianic Prophecy

How Messianic Prophecy is Determined
God Tells Us the Precise Day Israel Would Become a Nation and Jerusalem Her Capital
What God Requires For Eternal Life
Prophecy Is Not Predicting the Future, It Is Stating What Has Already Happened
How Could The Death of One Man Pay For the Sins of the World?
Evidence for God: What Kind of Proof are You Looking For?
The New Testament is Written by Jews, About Jews, For Jews
Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him
God’s Escape Clause
Good People Don’t Go To Heaven
Jesus Will Never Leave You or Forsake You
The Battle of Armageddon
The End of the Universe: Time and Eternity
How Does God Forgive Our Sins?
Is it Right For a Christian to Judge?
How God Controls Time
A Transcendent God
A Prophecy Impossible to Fulfill
Jesus Understood That He Was Fulfilling Prophecy
Comments of Christians are Removed From ABC news
365 Messianic Prophecies
What is the Gospel and Why Does it Matter?
How Jesus Controlled the Earlier and Later Fulfillment of Prophecy
The Darkness at Noon During Jesus Crucifixion is Confirmed by Secular Historians
Jesus Chose a Precise Day to Announce He was the Messiah–To Fulfill Daniel’s Chapter 9 Prophecies
Why Most People Will Not Make It To Heaven
Don’t Blame God When Bad Things Happen…
Jesus Elevates His Authority Above All Other Authority
The Universe as Evidence for God
Why Salvation is a Free Gift
The Lord is More Interested in Your Character Than Your Comfort
Salvation Without Baptism, Altar Call, or Church Membership
He Spoke the Universe Into Existence, But He Spoke Not a Word in His Own Defense
Jesus Carried All Your Sins So You No Longer Have To
Only Perfect People Can Go To Heaven
If Jesus is God, Why Did He Refer to the Father as Greater than Himself?
Jesus Died for 100 Trillion Sins
Jesus Suffered For, and Took the Sins of Those Who Would Never Receive Him
Telling the Truth about the Tradition of Halloween
Impossible Predictions Which Jesus Perfectly Fulfilled
For Just One Sin…
The Sovereignty of God and the Free Will of Men
Is the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Supported by Reliable Evidence?
Jesus Calls His Followers “Sheep,” the Dumbest of all Farm Animals
The Overwhelming Empirical Evidence for Jesus Death and Resurrection
Reconciling the Love of God and the Wrath of God
We Cannot See the Reality of Our Own Destitute Condition
Errors of Assumption by the Jews, Regarding Jesus Death by Crucifixion
God Cannot Be Known By Wisdom Alone
Jesus Bore All Sickness While Paying For Our Sins on the Cross
What Part Did Mary Play in the Redemption of Man?
Who Made God?
The Suffering of God at Man’s Unwillingness to be Saved
When our Assumptions About God Prevent us From Being Saved
Why the World Hates Jesus and Those Who Follow Him
God Does Not Choose–Based on Physical Appearance, He Looks at the Heart
Why the King of kings Came into the World–Poor and Destitute
Difficult to Believe: That God Would Permit His Son to Die for Sinners
Jesus Power in Defeating Three Rulers by Saying Nothing
All Time and History Itself is Marked By Jesus Life, Death, and Resurrection
Jesus Healed the Scars of all People–Yet He Will Bear His Own Scars Forever
The Desirable Attributes of a True Christian Leader
Jesus Said: “If You Have Seen Me, You Have Seen God”
Isaiah’s Description of Messiah’s Suffering: Spit Upon
Isaiah’s Description of Messiah’s Suffering: Beard Ripped Out
How Much Jesus Suffered For Us
Jesus Understands Your Despair
When God Learned
What Caused the Earth to Grow Dark at Noon–During Jesus Crucifixion?
After Death, There is No Second Chance of Salvation
Who God Has Chosen For Salvation: Everyone
The Three Servants of Isaiah
That God Would Die For Us
Why Would God Create Man–Knowing that It Would Require the Death of His Son?
God Will Have the Last Word in Our Lives
How, Why, and When: The Judgement of God (Past and Future)
How Peter Knew the Birth of Jesus Church Was a Fulfillment of Prophecy
Why God Chose Only One Way to Heaven
“You Have Heard That it Was Said,” The True Meaning of God’s Law
The Two Servants of Isaiah
How God Can Be Known
The Requirements For Heaven
An Appointment From Eternity: The Samaritan Woman at the Well
The Time of the End: A Marked Increase in Natural Disasters
Every Leader of Human Government Exists by God’s Sovereignty
Following Jesus is No Burden
The God Who Came to Serve
When the Lord is My Shepherd
The Rapture of the Church
The Time of our Departure is at Hand
Religious Frauds and Pretenders
The New Testament Passes Every Literary Test of History
Waiting to Receive Jesus Will Cost Your Life During the Tribulation
The Key to all Bible Prophecy: Daniel Chapter 9
How the Hebrew Prophets Demonstrate the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
Where True Wisdom Originates
The Traditions of Men, False Religion, and the True Intent of God’s Law
The Rapture, the Tribulation, Heaven, Rewards, and God’s Final Judgment
What Happened to Our Sins When Jesus Died?
You Need Mercy, Not Condemnation
How Culture and Tradition Can Deprive You of Eternal Life
The Centurion and Jesus: Great Faith or Evidence of Contradiction?
A Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery
The Fulness of the Holy Spirit: The Power of God Within Jesus
The Heart that Impresses God
The Origin of the Universe and Life on Other Planets
Jesus: He is the Most Interesting Man in the World
The Weak, The Powerless, the Insignificant: The Person God Uses
Sam Harris: The End of Faith and Religion: His Unsubstantiated Arguments
Ice Creme and the Universe
The Messiah’s Love and Righteous Judgement
The Non-Theist, Materialist, and Humanist Claim of Man’s Evolution as a Moral Being
How Can Jesus Be a Son and the Everlasting Father?
Jesus Claimed that He is Proof–God Exists
The Messiah Will Be a “Wonderful Counselor”
An Impossible Universe
Robin Williams: Life is not a Joke
Robin Williams, Dead at 63
Why God Came to Earth as a Baby
When God Revealed Himself…
Why Jesus is Hated by the World and Rejected by Israel
The Purpose and Function of Jesus Church
When God Became a Man
The “Almah” of Isaiah 7:14, is a Virgin
It is Hard to be an Atheist
How Father, Son, and Spirit, Can Be: One God
Israel: What More Could God Do?
The “Branch” Will Help Israel Escape the Antichrist’s Armies
Service Now, Rewards and Rulership: When Jesus Returns
The Enduring Myth of Jesus
Are You the Coming One, or Do we Look for Another?
The Foolishness of the Cross
Time and Eternity and the Relativity of Simultaneity
10 Reasons Why Atheists Will Not Believe In God
The Atheist’ Assertion that “God Does Not Exist,” Is Not Supported by Evidence
How God Keeps His Promises, Despite Impossible Circumstances
The Incredible Prophecies of the 4 Temples at Jerusalem and the Messiah
“This is the Day,” The Arrival of the Messiah
Melchizedek and Jesus: One and the Same
Atheists’ Statements of Fact–Made Without Knowledge
Jesus Will Place Every Enemy: “Under His Footstool”
Jesus: Whose Son is He?
A Unique Love for the Atheist
Tohu wa -bohu, Earth “Was” or “Became,” Waste and Void?
Who is Truly Good? “Only God,” Jesus says of Himself
A Different Jesus
Our Trials, Suffering, and Pain, and How Jesus Overcame His Own
Empirical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
God is not a Christian
Empirical Integrity of the New Testament
The Atheists Impossible Argument: “The Bible is a Fabrication”
The Beginning of the Universe: Reconciling 6 Days with 13.7 Billion Years
The Universe Exists as Empirical Evidence For God
10 Reasons Why Atheism Makes No Sense
The Certainty of the Resurrection
“10 Reasons the Crucifixion Story Makes No Sense,” Answered
The Church of the Last Days: Many are Unsaved
Receiving Heaven, Depends on the Condition of Your Heart
Finding it Difficult to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt or Offended You?
The Parables of Jesus: Heavenly Truth, Taught by Earthly Illustrations
The Messiah Will Teach by Parables: Jesus Taught by Parables
The True Age of the Universe, and the Fall of Lucifer
Every Government, Leader, President, King, and Spiritual Leader, Exists by God’s Sovereign Will
The Hope of Resurrection and the Despair of Atheism
Errors of the Catholic Church: Mary as Co-Redemptrix
The Contrast Between Human Love and God’s Love
The Unknown God
How God Has Chosen to Reveal Himself
Jesus Describes Death and Hell as Real and Certain
According to Jewish Law, Jesus Should Have Been Set Free
Why Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven
A Sinister Plan to Destroy the Messiah
The Humility of Jesus–Enabled our Exaltation
If God Exists, There Would Be Evidence
The Errors of Atheists, Regarding the Correct Meaning of Hebrew Prophecies
Jesus Was Not Ashamed to Die For You
Claims of Christian Tampering for Psalm 22:16
Are Some Sinners Worse Than Others?
Jesus Understands Your Heart
The Transcendent Knowledge of the Bible
David Describes Jesus Crucifixion, 1,000 Years in Advance
Jesus Was Born to Die
Jesus Controlled All of the Final Events of His Life
Understanding the Wrath of God
He Made Him Who Knew No Sin, To Become Sin For Us
The Resurrection, Fabrication or Fulfillment?
Scholarly Evidence For Jesus Authenticity as the Messiah
Jesus Ordered His Life to Fulfill Prophecy
Historical Evidence For Jesus Resurrection
Errors in our Concept of God
How God Justifies Even the Worst Sinner
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Contradictions in the Bible–or Lack of Knowledge?
A Knowledge of Good and Evil
40 Empirical Facts that Prove the Existence of God
How, Why, and When Eternal Life Occurs
Salvation: What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard?
Jesus is the “Prophet” whom Moses Predicted
The Messiah’s Star
Jesus the Prophet: His Predictions–Fulfilled
How to Determine if an Old Testament Scripture is Prophetic
The Serpent on a Pole and Jesus Lifted Up
“Not One of His Bones Shall Be Broken”
The Prophetic Fulfillment of the Seven Feasts of Israel by Jesus
The Prophecy of Tyre
If You Only Knew the Gift God Has For You
Essentials of Salvation–Justice
Essentials of Salvation–Atonement
If Jesus was not Born of a Virgin, He Could not be our Savior
Why They Called Him “Jesus”
Why People Do Not Believe in Jesus
Do the Terms “Begotten,” and “Firstborn” Mean that Jesus is Created?
The Historical Record of Jesus Life from Secular Sources
The Historicity of Jesus from the Talmud and Josephus
The Crucifixion of Jesus
The Six Illegal Trails of Jesus
Who is Jesus
The Star of Christmas
The Reliability of the New Testament

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