Slow Motion Video Of Florida Bridge Collapse Reveals Location Of Break, Worker Falling

New video of Pedestrian Bridge at Florida International University in slow motion showing large crane at left side, equipment on the bridge and one worker falling as the bridge collapses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the dear people of Miami as they are once again experiencing another terrible disaster with multiple loss of life.

Death toll has risen to at least six persons as engineers seek to determine the cause of the Pedestrian Bridge to Florida International Universities campus at 1:30 p.m on Thursday.

Many vehicles were crushed when the two million pound structure collapsed suddenly without warning. Video shows that a stress test was being conducted while traffic was allowed to pass under the bridge. As cars approached the bridge, dash cam shows the left side buckling and breaking at the point where the crane is working.

Slow motion video shows a worker dropping through the air as the cement falls onto the cars below.


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