If God Exists

If God Exists, There Would Be Evidence Of His Being

We would be able to verify that there is such an entity by seeing what He has done, even things He has created. There would be communication from this Being. It is reasonable that since, as humans, we communicate with each other by words, that a God who exists, would communicate with us also by human words that we could understand.

Finally, it would be good if such a God exists, that He would come to earth and show Himself to us in visible form so that we might confirm that He does exist.

When we examine the record of history, we find the following:

  1. We see a universe that science now tells us, came into being suddenly when nothing existed prior. It began by an extreme low state of entropy, which is impossible given the circumstances that existed at the commencement of the universe. Massive explosions do not begin with any degree of control. Yet this is precisely what we find at the beginning of the universe; matter was distributed in a way that stars would be able to form much later. Second generation stars are necessary for the production of carbon, and carbon is essential for human life. We also find that beginning at -430th of a second, there was extreme control being exercised in balancing gravity and electromagnetism, the creation of the atom, and the rate of expansion for matter. None of these early events could have exacted the specific outcome which we observe without an intelligence acting upon these events. We observe today that nearly 200 physical constants are in place that are fine-tuned to permit human life to exist on earth. If any of these constants were changed by as little as 10^40, all life would end on earth. These precise settings could not occur by any naturally occurring process. They necessitate intelligent actions by a Being who understood that these precise setting were necessary from the start of the universe and what these precise settings would result in. In this evidence from the universe we see that God must exist in order for these events to be possible and human life to exist.
  2. There are many religious writings which have appeared during the history of man on earth. Only one has been proven to be true in all of its basic tenets. Only the Bible reveals the universe in the precise manner that we observe by science today. Only the Bible, reveals a Being who would be capable of creating such a universe. Only the Bible reveals the true nature of man as a sinner, and the resulting consequences of man’s sin; the evil, suffering, and death that we observe on earth throughout man’s time on earth. Only the Bible reveals that upon man’s creation, he was perfect in every regard. Man fell into sin and caused the resulting suffering and death on earth, by his disobedience to God’s law.  Only the Bible reveals that shortly after man’s fall, God promised a Savior who would come into the world as a man, by supernatural means, and die for the sins of all people, thereby making redemption of mankind possible. Only the Bible contains text that reveals who this person is, Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah promised by over 400 Hebrew prophecies, which Jesus precisely fulfilled in His life, death, and resurrection. God has revealed Himself to us by His written word, which He gave to the world so that we might know Him.
  3. We find that a historical record exists which was penned by eyewitnesses who saw the events recorded in its pages. These witnesses state that a man called Jesus of Nazareth came to earth, born in Bethlehem, in fulfillment of the Hebrew prophecy, raised in Nazareth, revealed as Messiah at Jerusalem, was rejected by the leaders of Israel, crucified, and raised from the dead, precisely as over 400 prophecies had foretold. Jesus presented the physical proofs that we require to confirm that He is God by healing every manner of sickness and disease, exhibiting command over the physical laws of the universe by commanding a storm to calm, changing water into wine, and mastery over death by raising individuals from the dead by a command of His voice. Finally, history records that this Jesus was pierced by crucifixion, as David wrote in the Psalms, brutalized for the sins of the world as Isaiah wrote, and raised from the dead as the Old Testament prophets predicted for Messiah. These records of history exist today by 24,593 surviving manuscripts, greater than those of any other event in the history of the world. These manuscripts which described all the events of Jesus life, death, and resurrection, were written closer to the time of these events than any other event in the ancient history of the world. When we compare what is written in these manuscripts, with our New Testament today, we find that they are virtually identical in every basic fact of Jesus existence here on earth that was originally described in the four Gospels and all the letters which were written by Paul, John, Peter, and others in the New Testament. God has given us a visible proof that He exists by the arrival of Jesus on earth, displaying all the powers we would expect from God, if He exists. He has preserved a reliable and accurate record of these events for us so that we might know the truth.

God does exist and He has given us all the proof that anyone would ever need to believe these facts.

Today the Gospel of Jesus Christ is under assault by Liberal Theologians who are also atheists. They make assertions that Jesus never claimed to be God in the New Testament, but was made God by the writers of these narratives. These Theologians tell us that 85 percent of all that is written about Jesus, He never said or did. When we examine the claims of these prominent New Testament Scholars, we find that they have ignored the evidence of the New Testament which proves Jesus is God and the record of history that validates the Bible as accurate and reliable. The New Testament stands as one pillar of proof that is largely misunderstood and unknown by the world.

There are over 4,200 religions in the world today. What makes Jesus superior to all other ways to God? Are there clear differences that would cause us to choose Jesus over every other god and religion? When we investigate the qualities and precepts of these many religions, we see a stunning difference between them and the simple way of salvation that Jesus brought to the world. The evidence to prove that Jesus is God, superior to all other gods and religions of the world, is both empirical and substantial.

We also have a second pillar of evidence in the Cosmological record presented by the universe. Scientists and Cosmologists claim that the universe came into existence by a natural process. When we examine the evidence, we find that the universe began during a moment before the physical laws existed. Despite this, the process which would permit life on earth much later was clearly guided by a power of incredible intelligence and engineering prowess.

A third pillar of empirical evidence that is presented to us is the unparalleled record of Jesus’ life that has been preserved for over 2,000 years. What these men wrote about Jesus has survived time and decay as a precise record that matches our New Testament today, virtually unchanged. When we examine the person of Jesus Christ, it is then that we begin to see just why His life and message is singular amongst all the gods and religions of the world.

There is a visible characteristic of pride that is present amongst a majority of religious leaders. The presence of this attribute is one of the reasons that so many people are turned off by church or religion. The pretense of many men and women who espouse religious principles, from their great arrogance, is a tremendous obstacle for many people.

When we examine the words and manner of living for Jesus, we see something completely different. Although we learn much later that He believes Himself to be God, in every area of His life in which He presents Himself to us, we see a deep and abiding sense of humility. If there was anyone who had a right to pride, it would be God; and yet, we notice that when He comes to reveal Himself to us, it is with a profound meekness, as He submits Himself to death for our salvation.

This book is the result of 43 years of research, writing, and teaching and presents facts that most people have never heard or considered. This work was written for the purpose of giving you an intellectual, evidence-based reason to believe that Jesus is singular and transcendent above all others.

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