The Return Of The Jesus People, Before The Return Of The Lord

In 1975, I stumbled into a Calvary Chapel in Southern California and listened to a pastor who told a large gathering of young people about Jesus. I was 19 years old and had never heard the things that were spoken to me on that day.

I was a Rock Drummer in a touring band and thought that fame and fortune would give me the happiness that I was seeking. I was wrong. At just 19, I was already disillusioned by the world and wondering what the purpose of my life was.

I didn’t know anything about God or religion. I didn’t know much about Jesus or the Bible. All I did was open the New Testament and began to read the story about Jesus and all the letters that came after John’s Gospel. I was blown away by the most extraordinary man I have ever seen or heard.

It was not until many years later that I learned that I was a part of one of the largest movements of God in the history of the world. Millions of people all over the world were seeking something more. We were all tired of the hypocrisy of people in authority who told us what to think and how to act. We became a part of a modern revolution that swept across the world and is still affecting the lives of millions of people today.

During that period of history, we were rebelling against those in authority because of their hypocrisy and lies. We believed that there had to be more to life than living and dying with uncertainty and fear over the future. We began to listen to the words of Jesus and everything changed.

We filled churches where the Bible was being taught, verse by verse. We were long-haired, shoeless, with beards, tie dyed clothing, and sea salt and sand still on our skin from living at the beach. We were ready for something incredible and we found it back then with many others. That joy and satisfaction has lasted for my entire life. I am more sure about Jesus today, than every year of my life before.

That was 44 years ago, and the world today is once again in a time of great need for answers that those in authority cannot provide.

Many of us who were a part of the Jesus People Movement, are now in our 60’s and 70’s and we recognize that young people, and all people, need the same experience that we had 40 years ago. The world may have changed, but the hunger of people today has not changed. Young people today are no different than we were when we found emptiness and dissatisfaction in this world.

It is my thought, along with many others who came out of the Jesus People movement, that God is already working in our midst once again to raise up a whole new generation of young people who will become the Jesus People of this generation.

It is our thoughts that God will draw millions in this generation, in one last revival of His Spirit, before the return of Jesus for His church. Millions will find the answers they are looking for and the whole world will be changed once again, as it was in our day.

Pray with us and let us watch and see what God is Going to do…


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